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Amida, YP-146 (U.S. Navy)






Luders Marine Construction Co


Alfred E. Luders


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Denali is an 82 Foot, Luders Express Cruiser constructed out of timber in 1926.  She has a rich history that is rooted deep in Americana.  She was designed by Alfred E. Luders and constructed out of timber at Luders Marine Construction Co. in Stamford, Connecticut in 1926.  She was bought by the US Navy in 1942 and served as patrol boat, YP-146 until 1946.  Sources claim that Al Capone owned her at one time.  She was owned by Mr. Jeff Farwell of Balboa, CA and was a fixture of the Newport Harbor Yacht Club where Humphrey Bogart enjoyed a night cap aboard Denali on occasion.  Jeff Farwell's son, Lyman Farwell was best friends with a kid named David Fraser and the two boys spent many days and nights aboard Denali.  David grew up to become one of the most renowned luxury yacht brokers in the world and started a company now known around the globe as Fraser Yachts.

Mr. Denny Pastega of Tillamook, Oregon purchased Denali sometime between 2000 - 2003.  Denny's father, Mario Pastega was a well known entrepreneur and philanthropist who owned several Pepsi Bottling plants in Oregon and Denny himself is a philanthropist and entrepreneur who owns Blue Heron French Cheese Company; a must-see destination in Tillamook since 1979).  When he purchased Denali, Denny wanted to restore her and use the vessel as a family yacht.  However, not long after he bought Denali, Denny was the only survivor of a tragic airplane crash in Alaska that took the lives of three of his loved ones.  After that incident, Denny was heartbroken and lost interest in Denali's restoration process.  Denny kept Denali in a boathouse at Kappler Marina on Bridgeton Rd near the Portland International Airport in Oregon since he bought her.  In 2015, a contractor forgot to plug in the bilge pump that constantly cycled to purge water that slowly leaked in through Denali's old hull.  Denali took on water and sank over night.  Denny hired a crew to raise her and spent approximately $175,000 in an effort to salvage her.  After Denali was raised, she was taken to a shipyard in Astoria where they replaced some planks and sistered a few ribs.  They also stripped all of Denali's interior and repainted her hull.  She's in remarkable shape considering she went under in the Columbia River with only her bow poking out of the water.

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Denali was bought by the US Navy in 1942 and served as patrol boat, YP-146 until 1946.