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In 1928, a year after Mr. Charles Lindbergh (the Lone Eagle) flew solo across the Atlantic, Charles Lindbergh spent a summer getting acquainted with a 38 foot Elco cabin cruiser that he chartered to get away from the roaring crowds. The "Lone Eagle' decided that this would be the perfect ways to find solitude after his marriage to Anne Morrow. With the help of some very closed­mouthed Elco executives, he purchased a 38 foot ELCO cruiser. With the help of Elco's naval architects Lindbergh asked for two special changes be done to "His Elco." First, due to Mr. Lindbergh's height he asked for a taller cabin in the aft master hence the rounded cabin cap. The second was to change the two rear single berths to one double berth, after all this was for his honeymoon. After the ceremony, with the help from Elco's top executives (they were in on the plot from the beginning!) they rushed the newlyweds off to a secret location were the "Honeymoon Yacht, La Mouette" lay waiting... Where the new Couple spent their honeymoon!

NOW that's HISTORY! There is more then enough prominence onboard (that goes with the sale!)

ELCO was a division of General Dynamic's. President Roosevelt was asked by General MacArthur for a "fast boat" for the Pacific Theatre. The President went directly to the ELCO Boat Co. to design a vessel small enough, fast enough and that could pack a punch to sink a Battle Ship.

The folk's at ELCO Boat Co. did just that, a total of 399 Patrol Torpedo (PT Boats) were delivered to the U.S. Navy.... And yes, PT 109, Skipper'd by then, Lt. Jack Kennedy, U.S.N.

The single Isuzu engine burns 1 gallon an hour at 9 Knots.