Historical Summary:

The finest addition to the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club in 1934 (from Boats & Harbors June 1934 edition). This ship is the first of Robert Allan Sr. line, ultra high quality of the day, built as a ship then well appointed as a fine yacht. Teak, Cypress and Glasgow bronze with a Gardner diesel and 2000 mile range.

A historic ship, FY11 during WWII equipped with a 50 Caliber Gun then a Missionary Vessel during the 50's working the West Coast of Vancouver Island and Greenpeace IX in 1977.

Meander is an ocean going yacht and a fantastic coastal cruiser large enough for comfort and small enough for exploring and tight anchorages. Best of show 2005 Victoria Classic Yacht Show.

Wartime Use

Meander served in the Canadian Navy, as FY11, and was equipped with a 50 Caliber Gun.