Phoenix - awaiting restoration 2018

Historical Summary:

Launched Apr 15,1937 according to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle.
Named Phoenix, Commissioned by E.E.Dickinson, Essex CN
Swamped in the Long Island Express Hurricane of 1938
1940 Renard / Oliver S Redfield, Greenwich CN
1942 Go Deo / Richard M Edelman NYC NY
1942 Drafted into WWII becoming YP265 from1942-1946.
June 22, 1942 experienced an explosion when starting the starboard engine. There were injuries but no fire. An investigation was ordered. Same day, a submarine was spotted off of Block Island.
1949 Ash-Jon / same owner, Richard M Edelman NYC NY, name change
1953 Musketeer / Kenneth G MacCart, Stamford CN
1961 Gloria III / Leonard Sloane, Rye NY
1965-ish Lancer / Ted Conover, NYC & Ft Lauderdale FL
1970-ish Elana II / Somebody in Hollywood, FL
1972 Old Age / Richard “Slim” and Carolyn Gardner
1988 Old Age / Bob and Alice Swaim. Many appearances with CYA. See Below.
2006-ish Phoenix / John Eraklis
2016 Phoenix / Historical Yacht Preservation Society
UPDATE 3/20/18:
Here are some pictures of the current condition of Phoenix. I’m sure you have many already from when Bob and Alice Swaim owned her and participated frequently in CYA events. I think you will find a few of these pictures interesting seeing the participation plaques still on the bulkhead inside the boat. She has been on the hard for at least 7 years now. When John Eraklis moved her from CA to ME, she started taking on some water so they pulled her out at Yankee Marina in Yarmouth, ME. John told me he tried to build a frame over her with his friend but his friend slipped and broke his back. I think that was the last straw for him at the time. She has now lingered there without protection and the fresh water has done some serious damage to the hull bottom boards and frames. The first thing I did was get it shrink wrapped and standing water pumped out where it was still collecting, and ran a dehumidifier. (Not something you would normally want to do in a wooden boat). I started a 501c3 called Historical Yacht Preservation Society to help solicit any financial help I can get. I’ve been her custodian now for about 3 years along with Debra Delp, the owner of Yankee Marina. Moving her to had to wait for my career changes that moved me from NC to MI. And for me to find a property with a pole barn big enough to handle a 65’ boat! Finally, this summer Phoenix will be moved by Great Lakes Boat Haulers to Chelsea, Michigan where I live to begin her restoration. I plan to get the local Boy Scout and Sea Scout troops involved for learning. Progress can be followed on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @PhoenixTheBoat. Someday, I hope to see her again ‘rise from the ashes’ and participate in Great Lakes events.