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C. W. Harris


C. W. Harris


  • Pacific Northwest

Scamper was designed and built by C.W. Harris, a professor at the University of Washington.  Professor Harris finished the hull but needed help finishing the interior joinery, so asked his friend and colleague Professer Bryan T. McMinn to finish off the interior.  Prof. McMinn was a Mechanical Engineer, but enjoyed building furniture in his spare time. He also had a keen interest in boats, and was getting married soon, so he made a deal to finish off the interior in exchange for being able to use the boat for his honeymoon cruise to the San Juan Islands.

Professor McMinn later owned the Lake Union Dreamboat "Orba" for many years.  His grandson Rick Etsell, provided the photos of Scamper taken during their honeymoon.  He recalls his grandfather telling him about anchoring near the Rosario mansion, which he was interested in because of Robert Moran's steam plant.  After anchoring, Moran himself came down to waters edge and invited the young couple ashore for a tour!