Southern Bay

Southern Bay

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Southern Bay






Beckman Limited, Rhode Island


Truscott Boat Mfg Co.


Jim Kroeger


  • Southern California


“Southern Bay” has an interesting history. She is a replica of a 1905 steam-powered launch built in Michigan by the Truscott Boat Mfg. Co. Truscott is not a well know company although they built as many as 500 boats a year up until 1945.

An Eastern family owned and used the Truscott launch for 40 years. When she fell into dis-use they sunk the hull in the cold water of New Hampshire’s Lake Winnipesaukee for 8 years to preserve it. As this was a very sought-after design, a mold was made so the boats could go back into production. Beckman Limited of Rhode Island began reproducing the hull in fiberglass naming the new boat the Truscott Compromise.

The Compromise hull shape is what is unique. It is a combination of a Canoe stern and the underbody shape of a Drake stern giving the boat less “squatting” and more stability as she glides through the water. Drake sterns are named after Sir Francis Drake. The waterline of his ship stuck out farther than the deck.

Powered by a propane fired vertical boiler and two cylinder steam engine. She produces about 10 horsepower. The inside and deck of “Southern Bay” is finished in Mahogany with a Teak and Holly sole. Her beautiful bright work and vast amounts of polished brass give her a classic “Great Gatsby” glow. She was named best in show at the Sacramento Delta, B&W Steamboat Show. Listen for her train style steam whistle at our next event.

Southern Bay