Historical Summary:

Vintage at Bell Harbor Rendezvous 2012. [Photos by Tom Brayton.]

Launched in 1960, Vintage was custom built for singer Louis Prima as a gift to his wife, Keely. Originally commissioned MY Keely, the building of Vintage unfortunately outlasted the marriage and the boat was consequently renamed Diva by Prima's last wife. During that time, Vintage was moored in Marina Del Rey, CA, and served as a crew vessel in the first two seasons of Charlie's Angels. She also appears in several of the first and second season episodes as part of the set. Renamed Vintage byt he previous owners to the current owners, she traveled to Seattle under her own power and has been through the Panama Canal twice. She was extensively rebuilt and refitted in Maple Bay, BC, and in Seattle in 2004.

VINTAGE has a fantastic history, great lines, and a wonderful motorized engine hatch system to access her beautiful power plants.