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CanFleet Cruise to Princess Louisa

CanFleet Cruise to Princess Louisa

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  • Canadian
Sunday, June 9, 2019 to Saturday, June 15, 2019

Haida Princess in Jervis InletNational Geographic calls it the tenth wonder of the world: those who have visited recall it as a "spiritual experience": perhaps Blanchet described it best in her must read "Curve of Time." In any event, for any serious mariner on the BC coast, a visit to Princess Louisa inlet is a must do.

This summer, the Canadian Fleet of the CYA plans a classic cruise to this special destination! The fleet will leave from Vancouver on June 9, 2019 following the Burrard Yacht Club's annual Classic Boat show. The plan will be to make the cruise as easy, enjoyable and laid back as possible. For that reason, I would suggest that we take two or three days to wend our way up to Pender Harbour. We can overnight at Gibson's Landing and Secret Cove with good anchorage or moorage available close by in both locations.

From Pender Harbour it is one long day up the reaches to Louisa. It is about 35 miles by way of N Agamemnon channel, so for our six knotters running against a one or two knot current it is about an seven or eight hour run. We could plan a stop a Skookumchuck if we can get moorage reservations there. That would shorten the day considerably, but also reduce the time available at Louisa. Slack tide at Malibu rapids at the entrance to Louisa is at about 1530 or 1600, so a departure time from Pender of 0630 would give us plenty of time to make the run.

Moorage at Louisa can be obtained on the dock - first come, first served, or at several anchorages in the vicinity of the falls. Stern tying is de rigeur, so make sure you have a serviceable line.

If you are  interested in participating in such a cruise, please contact Gord Wintrup as soon as possible so we can start planning detailed logistics

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Gord Wintrup

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