Friday, July 19, 2019

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Des Moines Classic Car and Boat Show 2019

Des Moines Classic Car and Boat Show 2019

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  • Pacific Northwest
Friday, July 19, 2019 to Sunday, July 21, 2019

The Wooden Boat Show at the Waterland Festival in Des Moines occurs on July 19- 20-21. CYA members are invited to cruise in and join the fun. This year, the CYA “South Sound Cruise” starts in Des Moines at the finish of the Festival; a great opportunity to enjoy the best of both!

The Des Moines’ Waterland Festival is a precursor to Seattle’s Seafair celebration. Saturday’s Waterland Parade provides small town flavor with marching bands and other community organizations in the procession. Seafair princesses, Seafair Pirates and Seafair Clowns join in the parade. This year promises to bring more of the activities close into the Marina, with fun for all ages.

With respect to the Wooden Boat Show, our goal over the years has been to make this weekend a relaxed boat show with more of a cruising destination feel for those attending. Our classic wooden boats will be on display at a very popular gathering spot for public viewing and appreciation. The boat show schedule, however, allows participating boaters time to also enjoy other Waterland activities. We want to provide great value and convenience for the boaters with events specifically planned for those attending.

Some highlights:

  • Boat show hours are short in duration: Saturday, 10am to 4pm.  Sunday, 10am to 1pm.  A “Thank You and Awards” gathering on Sunday at 1pm concludes our weekend.
  • Weekend moorage (Arrive Friday–Leave Sunday) is a flat rate of $50, which includes power.
  • Night time dock security will be provided (Friday and Saturday).
  • Fuel price discounts of 10 cents per gallon will be offered to participating boats (Friday-Sunday). This is a plus for those returning from the CYA South Sound cruise.
  • Boaters aren’t confined to their boats. The Waterland weekend is full of activities, which are immediately adjacent to the Marina and can be enjoyed by boaters throughout the days. These include:
  • Friday Night Arrival: BBQ hamburgers/hot dogs on the dock, hosted by the Marina Staff.


  • Wooden Boat Show: (10am to 3pm).
  • Farmers Market: (10am to 2pm). at the top of the ramp, with food/crafts/music.
  • Art Walk: (11am to 12pm). For those boaters who want to stretch their legs and see some art – The Des Moines Art Commission will give a guided tour of art sculptures in the Des Moines Marina.
  • Wooden Boat Social: (4 to 5:45pm) at the Linscott’s home adjacent to the Marina. Appetizers and fun before walking to the parade. (Appetizers provided, but it is a BYOB gathering.)
  • Waterland Parade: (5:45 to 7pm) The Des Moines Waterland Parade on Marine View Drive (2 blocks from Marina/Linscott Home): Enjoy the Seafair Princesses, Seafair Pirates and Clowns.  Also includes bands, drill teams and other community organizations in the procession.
  • Dinner after the Parade: On your own, with restaurant choices in easy walking distance.


  • Continental Breakfast: (8 to 9:30am). On the dock – hosted by Marina Staff.
  • Vintage Car Show: In the Marina north parking lot.
  • Wooden Boat Show: 10am to 1pm.
  • Wooden Boat Thank You and Awards Gathering: 1pm.  Last event before departing at your leisure for homeports.

We hope you can come join in the fun. Please call or email us for reservations and docking plan accommodations.  

Bill & Patti Linscott
(B) 206-445-2099
(P) 206-390-4659 Patti

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Bill & Patti Linscott

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