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Name Fleet Designer/Builder Year/Length

Abernathy & Gaudin (Shipwrights)


Abernethy & Gaudin Boatbuilders Ltd. are restorers and builders of fine wooden craft. Sail, power or rowing vessels from 6-120 feet. Classic boats from Victoria, Vancouver, Seattle and beyond have been carefully built and restored at the Vancouver Island location.


Pacific Northwest Richardson 1948

The Richardson Boat company built wooden boats in North Tonawada N.Y. on the Erie Canal from 1909 to 1962. "Sail Aways" from the plant were offered in the 20's and 30's. (youtube: 1935 Richardson Sail Away) Traditional construction continued until WW II when military boats were built with plywood. Post-war it was tried on pleasure boats, and Adagio is a 1948 example of the new method. She first had Chrysler Crusaders, and was re-powered with twin 140 HP Gray's in 1965.  Cruising the Salish Sea all her life has ensured she is one of the few remaining examples from the 1940's. Current owners for five years have focused on functional refinements of her utilitarian origins and classic form. [BH16]


Canadian Grandy Boat Company 1929

Adelante was built in 1929 by the Grandy Boat Company of Seattle, WA. After war service at the Ballard locks she found her way to Alaska where she served as a bridge tug in construction of the Alaska Highway.

She was a pleasure craft  on the Tagish Lake system in the Yukon 1964-1967. She eventually made her way to Vernon where she served as a pleasure craft until 1974. 

After a significant rebuild by Sarama and Lyonoor Lardein she was re-launched at Shelter Bay Marina on Lake Okanagan in May 1988.


Pacific Northwest Grandy 1947

Many of the Grandy’s have something unique about them and Adventure is no different. In the 1960’s the boat was used by Don McCune, "Captain Puget", in the Seattle travel TV Show ”Expedition Norwest”. (For more about Don McCune, see


Pacific Northwest Neil Banks 1935

The Afton is a 35-foot wood cabin cruiser, built in 1935 in North Bend, OR by shipwright Neil Banks, and remodeled in the 1950's by Ed Monk Sr.


Northern California Stephens Bros. 1957


Northern California Stephens Brothers
Stephens Brothers

Allure was originally purchased from a boat show for $12,567 in 1931.  Built by the Stephens Brothers Boatworks of Stockton, she spent most of her early years playing in the calm waters of the California Delta.  Packing 550 horsepower from twin Chrysler 318's V8's, she is capable of 18 knots in flat water.


Pacific Northwest Owens 1962

A 40’ 1962 Owens Tahitian, Aloha was sold new in Seattle, mooring at the Seattle Yacht Club for 39 years, 1962-2001. During that time, the boat was known as the Concrete Queen.  In 2001, new owners named her the Jannika. Extensive restoration took place 2001-2003. The interior was gutted and all wood replaced with Honduran mahogany and raw teak. A custom stainless steel bow hatch and stainless steel mast was installed. The boat has twin Monel 60 gallon fuel tanks. Twin Chris Craft 350Q V8 engines were installed in 1970, replacing Owens Flagship V8’s. [BH16]


Canadian David Edward 1941

By Dave & Patricia Cook, owners

The motor vessel Alondra was buiilt in 1940 but was not launched until the following year, 1941. This delay was the result of the Second World War, which caused certain items to be rationed and slowed the final completion of the boat.

She was designed and constructed by David E. "Ted" Cook and his son Edward, who was my father. Ted Cook was a master shipwright who spent the second quarter of the 20th century in various shipyards in the Vancouver Coal Harbour area.


Pacific Northwest Chris Craft 1929

ALTHEA was re-launched in April of 2006. Her repairs proved to be excellent and she was entered in the Seattle's Lake Union Wooden Boat Festival in early July where she was awarded first prize in all categories. She was then entered into the Victoria Classic Boat Festival where she earned The Best Power Boat award. She also took first prize at the 17th Annual Chris-Craft Rendezvous in Port Orchard and at the La Conner Wooden Boat Show.

Althea Website


Northern California Ted Geary
C. A. Malcolm

34' 1937 C. A. Malcolm builder, Ted Geary designer


Pacific Northwest Chris Craft 1956


USA Purdy Bros

Brooklin Boatyard's Restoration of Aphrodite:

April Ann

Pacific Northwest Ed Monk, Sr.
Cummings Boat Co.

April Ann is a two station, full displacement, Ed Monk Sr. design built on the Tacoma waterfront at Cummings Boat Co. in 1953.  She is 42' long with a beam of 12' 6" and a draft of just under 3 ft. The hull is 7/8" Western Red Cedar over 2 1/2" x 1 1/2" steam bent oak ribs 9" OC, with galvanized fastenings.  She is powered by twin, counter rotating Chrysler 318 marine V8 engines through 2:1 Paragon reduction gears and V drives. Cruise speed is 8.5 Kts at 1800 RPM, consuming 5.5 GPH total. Current owners have owned the boat for 24 years. She is home ported at Bremerton Yacht Club. [BH16]

Argonaut II

Pacific Northwest Menchions Shipyard 1922

Built as the corporate yacht Greta M for the Powell River Company in 1922, Argonaut II was purchased in 1937 by the United Church of Canada and renamed Thomas Crosby IV.  She was a mission boat for thirty years, serving as a floating hospital, library, post office, maternity ward, mortuary and church.  The vessel operated fifty weeks a year, calling on remote canneries, indian villages, lighthouses, logging camps and minig camps along the isolated coast of British Columbia.  She was renamed Argonaut II in 1967 for use as a charter and private yacht.


Pacific Northwest Leigh Coolidge
Blanchard Boat Co.

Arlene is the only 38' version of the Blanchard Standard Cruisers built. (The others were 36')


Southern California Baglietto 1966

Beautiful 1966 Classic Baglietto 16 meter Motoryacht. A midcentury marvel of Italian Craftsmanship.


Northern California Simon & Shelly 1939


Pacific Northwest J. J. Astell 1942

Astelle’s keel was laid in Vancouver, BC in 1938, though her launch was delayed until 1942 due to WWII. Originally named Double J, she was commissioned by J.J. Astell and designed by Stan Hope. She is constructed of Yellow cedar planking on oak frames with a mahogany house.  Astelle’s original Chrysler Crown-6 was replaced with a 65 HP Perkins diesel in 2003. She cruises at 6 knots with a maximum speed of 9.4 knots. Her portholes date from 1919, being salvaged from a scrapped destroyer, HMCS Vancouver.  Astelle’s sister ship, Faranda, is still sailing out of Vancouver, B.C. [BH16]

At Last

Pacific Northwest Chris Craft 1957


Southern California Stephens Brothers 1929


Pacific Northwest Atkins

Barnacle (#231812) is a custom-built 38' bridge-deck motor sailor built by the Blanchard Boat Company of Seattle in 1932. Barnacle is from a design originally conceived by William Atkin and modified by Blanchard Boat Company.


Northern California Stephens Brothers 1941

A 1941 Stephens lovingly restored and owned by Otto Schreier.



Pacific Northwest Ron Bell
Ron Bell

A traditionally designed 50’ bridgedeck cruiser, Belle is similar to vessels built by Monk and Stephens in the late 1920’s.  She was designed and built by Ron Bell in Richmond, B.C.  Powered by an Isuzu 120 diesel engine, she cruises at 9 knots using about 1.5 gallons of fuel per hour, with a top speed of 13 knots.  Belle is not what she seems; although a classic design, she was built in 1981.  She has a fiberglass hull … and a mahogany heart. [BH16]

Big Dipper

Pacific Northwest Jake Farrell
Jake Farrell

This bridgedeck cruiser was built in Seattle by Jake Farrell, and has spent all of her 86 years in the Pacific Northwest. She is said to have been one of the fastest boats of her time, setting some speed records and running a reported average of 19 knots during the “Capitol to Capitol” Race.  Originally powered with a 200 hp Silver Dolphin engine, she is currently powered by an Olds V8 455. [BH16]

Black Douglas

Southern California Bath Iron Works 1928

23 foot 1928 bay launch built and designed by Bath Iron Works. Emily Roberling gave the launch to her father who had built the 160 foot Black Douglas, a steel hulled schooner. She served for many years as the Port Captain's harbor launch at the Palo Alto Yacht Club under the ownership of Thomas B. Olson during the 60s and 70s. A long time member of the CYA she is currently owned by veteran CYA member Jim Butz and is berthed at California Yacht Marina, Wilmington, CA.


Southern California Leigh Coolidge
Blanchard Boat Co.

The Blanchard 36 foot stock cruiser, Blanche, was originally Blue Boy, commissioned in 1928 in Seattle.
Twenty-five of these Leigh Coolidge designed Blanchard stock cruisers were built between 1924 and 1930 and, of those, only a few were configured with the enclosed aft cabin. As Blue Boy, she returned to the Blanchard yard shortly after she was launched to have her enclosed aft cabin modified slightly, creating a stepped cabin top which is unique among these boats.  Norm Blanchard has a recollection of this modification being done, but cannot remember why the owner wanted it. CYA member Steve Wilen (Kensington) is a previous owner of the boat and he helped Norm Blanchard compile the written history of Blanchard Boat Company, Knee Deep in Shavings. Steve was helpful in giving some details of the boat’s history.

Blue Peter

Pacific Northwest Ted Geary
Lake Union Drydock

The 96-foot ocean diesel yacht Blue Peter, built at Lake Union Drydock in Seattle in 1928 for John Graham of that city, was sold by him to George L. Machris of Los Angeles, head of the Economy Oil Co., the sale being made and the vessel delivered to the new owner at Los Angeles by L. E. Geary. [Gordon Newell, Maritime Events of 1934, H. W. McCurdy Marine History of the Pacific Northwest. Seattle Superior Publishing Company, 1966., p. 430.]

Original engines: Twin 175hp Hall-Scott gasoline. BLUE PETER cruises at 12 knots using only 18 gallons of fuel per hour. In 1973, she was repowered with her present pair of Caterpillar diesel 334s with 3:1 reduction gears swinging her two 48" five bladed propellers. She carries 2,000 gallons of fuel and 2,200 gallons of water, giving her ample range at a good and comfortable speed.


Pacific Northwest Chris-Craft 1952


USA Ted Geary
Lake Union Drydock

Designed by Ted Geary as one of eight ships of her class in 1928-1930, all of which are still in service. CANIM was built at Lake Union Drydock, Seattle, WA in 1930 for Col. C. B. Blethen as a private yacht.


Pacific Northwest William Garden
Vic Franck Boat Co.

Capella was built in 1961 by Vic Franck's Boat Company on Lake Union.  Her designer was Bill Garden.  Heavily constructed of Alaska Yellow cedar over White oak frames, her engine is a single diesel powered Caterpillar model 337T. [BH16]


Pacific Northwest Harold Lee
Mojean & Erickson


  • Launched, 1935
  • Built by Mojean & Erickson in Tacoma, Washington
  • Designed by Harold Lee of Seattle
  • Documented Length:  64.49’
  • Length Waterline:  68’
  • Overall Length:  70’
  • Beam 16’ 4”
  • Draft:  6’6”
  • Tonnage:  61 Gross, 42 Net
  • Hull:  Oak frames planked with fir and yellow cedar
  • Decks:  yellow cedar
  • Power:  twin GrayMarine 165 hp
  • Fuel: 1,800 gallons diesel


Pacific Northwest Chris Craft 1954

Cavu II

Pacific Northwest Annapolis Yacht 1938

54' 1938 Annapolis Yacht Yard. Restoration work and photo by Kellog Creek Woodworks.

Center for Wooden Boats

Pacific Northwest

Center for Wooden Boats is an Honorary CYA Member of the Pacific Northwest Fleet.


To provide a gathering place where maritime history comes alive through direct experience and our small craft heritage is enjoyed, preserved, and passed along to future generations


Northern California Stephens Brothers 1930

The pride of Cynthia & Mont McMillen, Cielito is a 1930 43' Stephens. Restored to immaculate condition and powered by twin diesels. She is as fast as she is beautiful. This boat has cruised the Eastern Coast extensively.

Cinnamon Girl

Pacific Northwest Chris Craft
Chris Craft

Delivered new to Palm Beach Chris Craft in West Palm Beach, Florida in 1951, Cinnamon Girl was originally named Pri Mer Go after the owner’s three daughters. She made her way to Seattle in the fifties or sixties, and was repowered by Doc Freeman's with twin OMC 305 V8 engines in 1977. Other former names include Vivace, Jolly Six and Josey II. Current owners purchased her in 1999 and repowered again in 2001, along with much refastening and main system upgrades. [BH16]

Cle Illahee

Pacific Northwest Carl Nordstrom
Vic Franck

The Cle Illahee  was built in 1929 on Lake Union by the Vic Franck Boat Company which is still in business today.  The present owner has owned and maintained her for forty-two years.  The hull is Port Orford cedar and the decks are Yellow cedar.  All the wheelhouse and cabins are Honduras mahogany.  She is on her fourth engine, which is a six cylinder Isuzu diesel, rated at 108 hp, burning 1.8 gallons per hour at 8.2 knots.  Cle Illahee will do a steady 10 knots if the owner is in a hurry.  This fine classic is cruised extensively on the Salish Sea and beyond. [BH16]


Southern California Chris-Craft 1950


Southern California Chris Craft
Chris Craft


33 foot 1953 El Capitan built by Chris Craft. She was originally toured in 1953 by the factory, and shown at boat shows on the East Coast, and originally delivered to R.E. Olsen Sales Co. in Stocton, CA. ComOcean appears in the factory brochures of the day.


Pacific Northwest Stephens Brothers 1929

Compadre is a 43-foot bridge-deck cruiser built in 1929. She is one of three yachts built to this basic design by Stephens Brothers in Stockton, California. Her hull is Port Orford cedar on White oak frames, and her house is solid Burmese teak. She was originally powered by twin 6-cylinder Lathrop Mystic gasoline engines and was recently repowered with twin 80hp Yanmar diesels. Her interior layout and cabinetry are nearly all original. She was built for Mr. Leland Adams of San Francisco, a vice-president of Leslie Salt Co. Compadre is her original name. [BH16]


Pacific Northwest H. C. Hanson
Franck & McCrary

A 38' cruiser owned by Robert & Karen Birdseye, Comrade was designed by H.C. Hansen and built by Franck & McCrary in 1930 on Seattle’s Lake Union. Comrade was first owned by H.W. Davis, Jr. Her second owner, C.H. Bolin, won the Small Cruiser Class of the 1936 International Predicted Log Race from Seattle to Nanaimo. In the late thirties, Bolin developed an automatic control system for the marine industry, one of which is still operational aboard the Comrade. The third owner, the Birdseye family, has cruised Northwest waters aboard her for the past 66 years. [BH16]


Canadian Fellows and Stewart
Fellows and Stewart

Content was built for Ezra Fitch of Abercrombie & Fitch and launched on his retirement as he hoped to journey to the rivers of South America. Sadly, Ezra passed away before realizing his dream.


Northern California Leigh Coolidge

Built as "Elsinore" 1925. Held by Blanchard for a time, presumably to use as a sales model.  Named for Elsie and Norman, children of N.J. Blanchard.  Elsinore was one of the first of the Blanchard standardized cruisers.  Built on oak frames and planked with Port Orford Cedar, she has a 9-foot beam andd 3-foot draft.  She is powered by a 1949 Chrysler Crown engine.


Pacific Northwest Stephens Brothers 1974

Corsair II

Pacific Northwest Leigh Coolidge
Martinac Shipyard

Was she a rumrunner? Well, according to an old fisherman in Pender, “I know your boat. She used to have a foot well in the afterdeck, see where those deck planks are strangely butted? Well when I was a kid some guys from the Olmstead gang came in on here with their women who were mad at them because they were drunk. So the men left them and went to a bar. The women invited us aboard and we partied until the men were noticed returning. We ran like hell!” Olmstead was a Seattle Police Captain, eventually convicted of tax evasion during Prohibition. His wife broadcast childrens’ stories on the radio. The stories contained coded drop point messages. [BH16]

Cygnus II

USA Jakobson and Peterson 1930

Danny J

Pacific Northwest Ed Monk Sr.
Olson & Wingle Marine

The Danny J is a conventional-style fishing boat that since 1966 has served as both a passenger ferry for the residents of Halibut Cove, Alaska, and as a tour boat for visitors to the area.

Note: Danny J is an Honorary Member of the Pacific Northwest Fleet of the CYA.

Dawn Treader

Pacific Northwest Chris-Craft 1956

Dawn Treader was delivered to Lake Union in June 1956, and began her cruising career in the Northwest as the Wild Oats. She came from the Chris Craft plant in Holland, Michigan, and is a 35' Constellation model. Mike and Janet Monda are her sixth owners and have been in contact with all but the original owners, who had the boat until 1976.  Dawn Treader has been cruised extensively since the beginning and is no stranger to Canadian waters.


Pacific Northwest, Southern California Hoffar

Designed by Hoffar and launched in 1929 at Hoffar-Beeching boatyard in Vancouver, B.C. Deerleap is 85' long. She is powered by two Gardner diesels.

Curtent homeport, Port Orchard, Washington

More info is available on the owner's website:


Pacific Northwest 1931

The M. V. Discovery was originally designed and built as 'Holiday' for William Morris of the William Morris agency in 1931 in San Pedro, California. From her teak decks and deckhouse to her fine mahogany paneling she reflects an era long past when craftsmanship meant pride in artistry.


Canadian Chris-Craft 1946

Django is a 36-foot Double Stateroom Enclosed Cruiser designed and built in 1946 by the Chris-Craft Corporation in Algonac, Michigan. She was delivered to Spokane, WA and destined for Coeur d’Alene, ID in August 1946. Chris-Craft re-entered pleasure craft production after WWII starting with the 1946 model year. She is powered by twin economical Marine Power four-cylinder engines and cruises comfortably at 8-9 kph. Recent years of restoration and improvements have brought her to where she is today. The large enclosed stateroom makes cruising a pleasure and enjoyable year-round in the Pacific Northwest where she currently resides.


Double Eagle

Canadian J. Barnes Lusby
M. M. Davis & Son, Solomon I., Maryland

Excerpted from June 2012 CYA Newsletter, "Classic Yachting":

Canadian Fleet Report .. the nurturing of an Eagle
by Randall Olafson, CAN Fleet Director


Canadian Philbrook & Son 1957

El Mistico

Pacific Northwest Carl Nordstrom
Ballard Marine Railway

El Mistico was on the leading edge of technology when she was built in Ballard in 1927. According to an article in Power Boat Magazine, “The application of the low-powered oil engine to the propulsion of medium sized yachts and workboats is a comparatively new thing”. [BH16]


Northern California Stephens Bros 1931

Eleanor was built by the Stephens Brothers and launched in Stockton on February 17th of 1931. Stephens was comissioned to build her by Carl G. Washburne, her original owner.  Mr. Washburn named the yacht "Manana of Gardiner". Manana was then taken to Oregon, where she remained with him for the next three years.


Northern California Stephens Bros 1929

Emily K

Pacific Northwest Stephens 1965


Pacific Northwest Lake Union Drydock 1928

A rare bridge deck version "Lake Union Dreamboat"


Southern California Stephens Brothers 1947

48 foot 1947 twin diesel motor yacht built by Stephens Brothers, Stockton, CA. Her owner, long time CYA veteran Drew Miser, has restored and maintained this beauty in the finest traditions of classic yachting. Frequently seen plying the bays and shores of Catalina Island she lives up to her name; Enchantress. She is currently moored in Marina Pacifica, Long Beach, CA.


Northern California 1940

Eslo is a 47' raised deck trunk cabin cruiser built in the Brisbane, Ca. in 1940. Power by a single 6-71 she has been lovingly restored by Nancy & Tom Clothier.

Euphemia II

Canadian Schertzer Boat and Machine 1928

50' 1929 Schertzer, home port Victoria BC.

Euphemia II (ex Mary MarAnn; Wanderer) was built by Schertzer Bros in Seattle in 1928. Her current name means “gracious lady.” At 50’ with an 11’ beam and drawing 4’3’’ of water she cruises comfortably at 9.5 knots. Her original Sterling gas engine has been replaced with a 6 cylinder Volvo Turbo Diesel that makes her an economical and reliable cruiser. This is Peggy and Mike O’Brien’s third (and last) classic yacht, having now been members of C.Y.A. since 1976.

Evening Star

Pacific Northwest Joe Dyer
Astoria Marine

EVENING STAR was owned for years by W.H. Dole who first saw her keel being laid his first day of work at Astoria Marine. Now owned by another illustrious family with historic connections to Astoria Marine. Living History!




Pacific Northwest Chris-Craft 1947

The third hull in this series, Fandango was built by Chris-Craft in 1947.  Mahogany was in short supply right after World War II, so the hull was constructed with quality fir.  The original owner was twice the commodore of the Seattle Yacht Club, and this was the lead boat in the Opening Day parades in 1947 and 1948.  Chris-Craft built over 500 boats of this design, with level deck and cabin areas, and no stateroom or V berth.  She was repowered with a 327 engine in the early 1970’s. [BH16]


Northern California Matthews 1925

Matthews Boats


Canadian George Band
Stanley & Norman Hope

[Photo by Flickr user LongDistanceGuys]


Pacific Northwest Leigh Coolidge
Blanchard Boat Co.

Faun is a Blanchard Standardized Cruiser, built on Lake Union in 1926.  Her 1926 purchase price was $6000.  She is one of twenty-five 36’ cruisers built by Blanchard, only a few of which survive today.  She was originally powered by a Van Blerck gas engine, and since 1946 has had a Chrysler Crown 6 cylinder gas engine, rebuilt in 1986.  Average cruising speed is 7.5 knots.  Her hull is western red cedar, her frames are white oak, and her brightwork and house are teak.  Faun has had about a dozen colorful owners, among them the Gray, Black, and Brown families of Seattle. [BH16]


Northern California Robert Allen
Burrard Drydock, Vancouver Canada

Launched on November 11, 1939, the Gentleman’s Yacht Fifer was and still is the only yacht of her make. She was designed by Naval Architect Robert Allan and built at the Burrard Drydocks in Vancouver, B.C.

Fireboat City of Oakland

Northern California 1940


Northern California Chris Craft 1962

Flying Cloud

Pacific Northwest Ed Monk Sr.
Grandy Shipyards

Commissioned in 1936 by Francis Brownell, President of Seattle First National Bank,  Flying Cloud  was designed by Edwin Monk, Sr. and launched by Grandy Boat Works in April of 1937.  She was the first documented private yacht of her size built on the west coast with twin diesels, and was also the first west coast yacht to be built with Monel props and shafts.  Conscripted by the Coast Guard and later the Navy in World War II, Flying Cloud was outfitted with sonar and depth charges as she patrolled Puget Sound and the Juan de Fuca straits watching for enemy submarines. [BH16]


Pacific Northwest Ed Monk, Sr.

Designed by Morris Shain and Ed Monk Sr., Forevermore was purchased out of the Shain yard by Fred Dobbs of Coolidge Propeller in late 1944. Copro II was reported by Pacific Motor Boat magazine to be the first yacht launched at the end of World War II in the Seattle area.  This Morris (Mike) Shain "Airflow Trimmership" features teardrop shaped portholes and hardware also designed by Shain and Co. locally.  Her original Chrysler Crowns run like watches and provide efficient propulsion. Forevermore still possesses her original linoleum, refrigerator and cabin doors, including pocket doors fore and aft the main saloon. The 32-volt electrical system powers the original Seattle-built Bennett anchor winch.


Pacific Northwest Ed Monk, Sr.
Tacoma Boatbuilding Co.

Built to be strong, efficient and seaworthy, Freya has cruised Puget Sound and the Inside Passage since 1940. An Alaska veteran, (11 times) she has provided the families that loved her with adventures, life time experiences, scarred knuckles, and pride. Freya has been part of the current owners’ family for 25 years with many more to come. [BH16]

Friendship II

Pacific Northwest Fremont Boat Co. 1936

Friendship II is one of a few boats built by "Doc" Freeman at the Fremont Boat Company. The cabin was built by Doc's brother-in-law, who was a cabinet maker by trade. Of particular interest is the brass head with folding sink. The Friendship II is currently in need of a new caretaker, and is on the market. [BH16]

Gallant Lady

Pacific Northwest Riggs Bros, Tacoma 1940

Built in 1940, Gallant Lady has been a common sight on the waters of Puget Sound, the San Juan Islands and the Gulf Islands since her launching.  She has transported literally thousands of customers as a Northwest charter cruiser.  Gallant Lady is just coming out of a complete two-year refit and restoration under the loving care of her new owners. [BH16]


Northern California Stephens 1960


Pacific Northwest Tom Halliday
Hans MacKinnon

Glayva is a 1937 39' bridge deck cruiser with a 1924 6 cyl. Scripps gas engine.


Canadian W.S. Bailey & Co. 1912

1912 40' W.S. Bailey & Co., Ltd, Saltspring Island, BC, Canada

See article about Gleniffer and Rhinegold: A Tale of Two Boats

Owner's Website


Pacific Northwest Taylor & Grandy 1914

A 36' custom built canoe stern yacht created by Taylor & Grandy on Vashon Island in 1914, Glorybe is one of the oldest boats in the CYA and the oldest member of the Seattle Yacht Club. Owned by Betsy Davis. Glorybe was severely damaged in the SYC fire, but was rebuilt at Seattle Community College.

Owner's Website:


Southern California Ed Monk, Sr.
Bud Fodor

36 foot 1950 Bud Fodor cruiser designed by Ed Monk, Sr. She is lovingly maintained in immaculate condition by owners Larry and Terri Walker. Gracie is currently moored in Cabrillo Marina, San Pedro, CA.

Southern California Fleet Flagship 2012


Pacific Northwest Ed Monk, Sr. 1947

Graywin , a 44' Monk design built in 1947.

LOA: 47 ft 0 in
Maximum Draft: 3 ft 8 in

Detroit 4-71's, Total Power: 195

Beam: 13
Displacement: 35 tons


Pacific Northwest Carl Matthews

Greta is a 1956 Matthews Convertible Sedan with walk-around decks. Originally purchased be Leo R. Schreiner, a general manager for General Motors, she has had many owners and just as many names, including Gold Dust, Hexe, and Doc Freeman.  A flying bridge was added in 1967 by Ward Doland of Bellevue, former regional I.P.B.A. Commodore and International predicted log race champion. Newly restored by her current owner, she has been brought back to her original splendor, and then some. Visit her website at:


Pacific Northwest H. C. Hanson
Sagstad Shipyard (Ballard, WA)

Gyrfalcon was built by Sagstad Maritime Shipyard of Seattle in 1941 for use by the US Coast and Geodetic Survey Office.  Designed by the prolific naval architect and yacht designer H.C. Hansen, her original name was Patton, and she was used to survey the Alaskan coast and Aleutian Islands.  Upon retirement from federal service, she was converted to a long range cruising yacht. [BH16]

Hel-Port II

Southern California Fellows and Stewart 1937

A regular at Southern California Fleet events.

Hello Baby

Southern California Chris-Craft 1941

Hello Baby is a 1941 Chris-Craft Barrelback. Powered by a Chrysler Crown.



Pacific Northwest Grandy 1947

Hesitation II

Pacific Northwest Chris-Craft 1959


Pacific Northwest Chris Craft 1955

“Hi’Ilani,” is Hawaiian for “Held in the Arms of Heaven. Built in 1955 in Holland, Michigan, this vessel was delivered to Salmon Bay, Seattle, WA in April that same year. 
Length - 34'
Beam - 10 1/2'
Draft - 2 1/2'
Twin Engines - Chris Craft 327F - 210hp each
Fuel - Gas - Twin 60 gal. tanks
Hull Bottom - Double plank mahogany (professionally refastened)
Deck - Straight grain fir
Frame - Oak
Fasteners - Silicon bronze
Anchor - Danforth
Heater/Stove - Wallas Diesel

Hiltot II

Northern California Stephens Bros 1940


Pacific Northwest Schertzer 1931


Pacific Northwest Edison Tech 1946

Holiday has been family owned since launched in July 1946. My Grandfather Rex Bartlett commissioned Ed Monk Sr. to design her and was built on Lake Union by the Edison Technical School. Jim Chambers who ran the school along with Earl Wakefield and Vic Franck also worked on building her. I grew up on the boat and later helped "Gramps" maintain her, taking ownership in 1985. We are very proud of the fact Holiday has been maintained all these years and not restored. Of course mechanical repairs and replacements have been made due to normal wear and tear.

Honey Bee

Pacific Northwest Ed Monk, Sr.

Built to an Ed Monk design, Honey Bee  is a Reinell custom 42’ cruiser built for the Reinell family in 1951.  Her original name was Nancy K.  She was repowered with twin Isuzu diesels in 1978, and has been kept in covered moorage since new.  Honey Bee was constructed from the same Monk design and specifications as CYA member April Ann. [BH16]


Pacific Northwest Boeing of Canada 1929

This 1929 Boeing Aircraft of Canada is 48' with a beam of 11' 6".  In 2011 she won most improved vessel at the Victoria Classic Boat Show.  She is loaded with teak and bronze inside and out, as well as breathtaking Alaska yellow cedar decks to maintain her original appeal. For cruising, she has been fitted with modern conveniences and the ability to stay out on the hook for days on end.  She contains berthing for 6 people, 2 heads, and 1 shower.


Southern California 1902


Pacific Northwest Chris Craft 1954


Pacific Northwest Vic Franck Boat 1927

Joan M. Henderson

Southern California Walter Bezanson 1936

44 foot custom cruiser built in 1936 by Walter Bezanson in the West Basin of San Pedro, California for John Henderson. Joan M. Henderson's hull is built of port orford cedar with steam bent oak ribs, bronze fastened and is powered by twin GM 471s. The decks, flying bridge, pilot house, trunk cabin and transom are all of teak. During World War II she served in the US Coast Guard for surveillance of west coastal waters. In 1951 she was sold to the Shoemaker family owned first by Hazel Mae Shoemaker and now Clarence Edward & Roma Shoemaker.


Pacific Northwest Ed Monk Sr.

Josephine is a Monk design built by Blanchard in 1947 for Frank Hawkins, the flamboyant Buick dealer in Seattle at the time. We are the sixth owner, and have owned Josephine for 18 years. The boat has been completely restored, including rebuilt engines, new tanks wiring, plumbing, interior, decks, windows, etc. Approximately 12,000 hours have been invested in the reconstruction.


Pacific Northwest Richardson Boat Co. 1930

Jubilee came to the west coast from the waters surrounding Manhattan by railcar. Our favorite feature, (there are too many to choose just one) but if we had to, the aft "Honeymoon Suit". Two twin beds separated by a built-in chest of drawers. Classic!.


USA Henry Gielow
New York Yacht Launch & Engine Co.

Junaluska is the original tender to the motoryacht Olympus, and both were completed in 1929 by New York Yacht, Launch & Engine Company for owner George Heck. His new yacht was named "Junaluska" after a lake in North Carolina where he had property.  When the yacht was conscripted by the military in World War II, the owner at the time kept the little tender for his use in California.