1955 14' Clinker built Putter

The Bandersnatch






Designer / Builder / Model: 

Clinker Putter





Current Location: 

SaltSpring Island



This launch was originally a lake boat from back east, & made it's way out to this coast many years ago. I have owned it for over 15 years & have been patiently restoring it to it's current state. A very solid boat with no structural repairs having occurred or required & the hull has been prepped & painted/varnished inside & out.

The powerplant is a fully functional & detailed 1940's 6 hp Briggs & Stratton that is currently out of the boat & needs new engine beds cut & installed, linkage attached, & exhaust fitted thru hull.
The motor is fitted with a starter/generator & a Rockford transmission.

The fore deck has been layed, sikkaflexed, sanded & oiled, rub rails dry fit & oiled, cover boards dry fit & oiled, rear deck needs some joinery, varnished mahogany veneer on transom, opposing benches have been cut & fit, deck hardware installed, a vintage restored wheel installed, & great set of restored oars thrown in.
The trailer is not included in the purchase price.

This is a project that is on the home stretch, but I have found another small boat to restore so the Bandersnatch must go.

*note: The Bandersnatch is a fictitious creature from Lewis Carrol's  "Thru the Looking Glass".

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