Welcome to the Free CYA Classifieds!

The CYA Classifieds are provided as a service to CYA members and the general public. CYA is not a broker, and this board is operated by volunteers for the non-profit CYA organization. CYA receives no compensation for any ads or sales through these listings. When you reply to an ad, your reply goes straight to the seller. Our only goal is to help bring buyers and sellers of classic motoryachts, services and equipment together.

Caution: Sellers must be cautious of offers received online. Serious buyers will ALWAYS want to see the boat in person. Be skeptical of anyone offering to buy sight unseen, and NEVER EVER give out any of your banking information, including Paypal details, to anyone. Also, if you receive any such offers, please forward the reply to boatpages@classicmotoryacht.org so we can ban that user from our site.

NOTE: See also the list of CYA boats for sale.