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Robert E. Webber
Artist, Photographer, Publisher

Dear Friends,

During the past few decades, I've helped proud boat owners underscore milestone achievement in the preservation and ownership of vintage and historic watercraft. During the course of this journey I consider myself fortunate to have immortalized some of the most significant yachts ever built by American boat builders during The Gilded Age. Included are the legendary Consolidated Shipbuilding Company, Mathis Yacht Building Company, Huskins Boat and Motor Works, John Trumpy & Sons, the Purdy Boat Company, The Lake Union Dry Dock Company and others.   

Since these boats have such provenance and their long term survival is never assured I have gained client approvals to add select vessels to Great American Yacht Classics, a series of limited edition fine art prints devoted to vintage and historic watercraft that, thanks to the foresight of their owners, have survived America's Golden Age. My goal in the creation of this series is two fold; to portray the timeless beauty, craftsmanship and elegance of these magnificent vessels and to document the legacies forged by America's earlier and legendary ship builders for admirers of classic yachts for generations to come. 

If you're a specialist in restoration, are a collector or the proud owner of a classic/vintage yacht I invite your inquiry and visit to  I'd be happy to share some of my latest projects and discuss the possibility of commemorating the boat that presently may be dominating your life. I'd look forward to talking with you and there's no obligation.  


Bob Webber

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