Dockside Mats


Granite Bay Dockside Mat

Here are two different dockside mat designs, going for the same price.

The round design is called a Kringle. This is based on dutch round coffee cakes whereby the icing follows a lacy pattern. The oval style is based on the Ocean Plait. This style can be expanded to suit wider gangplanks, doorways and even shoe mats.

Shipping Included.

Reef Point Mat, 3/4" manila rope, 26" diameter $250
Reef Point Mat, 5/8" manila rope, 23" diameter $225

Granite Bay Mat, 3/4" manila rope, 18" x 33", $250
Granite Bay Mat, 5/8" manila rope, 15" x 30", $225


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Desolation Sound



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Reef Point Mat
Reef Point Mat
Granite Bay Mat
Granite Bay Mat