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This is a list of regular member boats currently listed in membership with the CYA. (These boats are NOT FOR SALE -- refer to the Classifieds for boats that are currently available.)

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CYA Yacht Register

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Privateer - 1922

Hoffar Motor Boat Co. 40' (Canadian Fleet)


Vanalburt-Lee - 1923

Zona Carter 45' (USA Fleet)

Vanalburt-Lee is owned by Thomas Hewes of Mississippi, and is one of our most unique vessels. She is 45' and was built in 1923 by Zona Carter.

Contessa - 1924

Blanchard 36' (Northern California Fleet)

Built as "Elsinore" 1925. Held by Blanchard for a time, presumably to use as a sales model.  Named for Elsie and Norman, children of N.J. Blanchard.  Elsinore was one of the first of the Blanchard standardized cruisers.  Built on oak frames and planked with Port Orford Cedar, she has a 9-foot beam and 3-foot draft.  She is powered by a 1949 Chrysler Crown engine.

Westward - 1924

Martinolich 86' (Pacific Northwest Fleet)

Designer: L.E. “Ted” Geary   

Built:  1924, Martinolich Shipyard, Docton Washington (Vashon Island)

Length: 86′-0″     Breadth: 18′-8″   Draft: 9′-5″    Displacement: 137.5 tons

Nisca - 1924

40' (USA Fleet)

1924 William Hand Jr. Piute Class, double cabin, express cruiser. Ted and Rebecca Crosby, Old Lyme, CT.

Owner: Ted and Rebecca Crosby

Wood Duck - 1925

Richardson 36' (Pacific Northwest Fleet)

Fantasea - 1925

Matthews 39' (Northern California Fleet)

Faun - 1926

Blanchard Boat Co. 36' (Pacific Northwest Fleet)

Faun is a Blanchard Standardized Cruiser, built on Lake Union in 1926.  Her 1926 purchase price was $6000.  She is one of twenty-five 36’ cruisers built by Blanchard, only a few of which survive today.  She was originally powered by a Van Blerck gas engine, and since 1946 has had a Chrysler Crown 6 cylinder gas engine, rebuilt in 1986.  Average cruising speed is 7.5 knots.  Her hull is western red cedar, her frames are white oak, and her brightwork and house are teak.  Faun has had about a dozen colorful owners, among them the Gray, Black, and Brown families of Seattle. [BH16]

Corsair II - 1926

Martinac Shipyard 50' (Pacific Northwest Fleet)

Corsair II was custom built in 1926 for an avid predicted log racer and Tacoma Yacht Club officer. She participated in many early Seattle-Victoria races, and her feats were described in advertising for Buffalo Marine Engines and Standard Oil products. She was honored with the privilege of celebrating her 60th birthday as a featured yacht at the Vancouver World's Fair.

Spartan III - 1926

Rodd Brothers 45' (Canadian Fleet)

"Spartan lll’ is 45’ long with a 12’ beam. Sparty (as she is a affectionately known) was designed by Herbert ‘Papa’ Gann and built in Victoria at the Rodd Brothers boatyard. During the war she served in the Gum Boot Navy, renamed HC 99 Naden III. After the war she was purchased by Bill Dolmage, who owned a Vancouver tug boat company. Bill made many changes to her and added the Gray Marine (GM) 671 that provides her power to this day.    Current owner has owned her since 1985.