CYA Yacht Register

This is a list of current CYA member boats that have been accepted as "Classic" (pre-1942) or "Vintage" (pre-1965) yachts by the CYA.

The boats are listed in chronological order. Click on a boat name to view the boat's information page.

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CYA Yacht Register

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Sannox - 1920

Y.E. Kobayakawa 38' (Canadian Fleet - Classic)

Sannox was built as a steam-powered vessel at Caulfield, West Vancouver in 1920. Her steam engine was replaced with a gas engine in 1923.  The current Chrysler Crown was installed sometime around 1958. 

Sannox belonged to the current owner's father during WWII. She was the 2012 Flagship of the Canadian Fleet.

Owner: Robin & Patricia Hutchinson

La Jota - 1921

La Jota
Harbor Boat Works, San Pedro 65' (Northern California Fleet - Classic)

The 65-foot Motoryacht La Jota was built by San Pedro Boat Works in 1921. La Jota is Spanish for "the Joker"; she was reportedly built for one of Jack Benny's writers.

Owner: Stephen Olsson

Argonaut II - 1922

Menchions Shipyard 73' (Pacific Northwest Fleet - Classic)

Built as the corporate yacht Greta M for the Powell River Company in 1922, Argonaut II was purchased in 1937 by the United Church of Canada and renamed Thomas Crosby IV.  She was a mission boat for thirty years, serving as a floating hospital, library, post office, maternity ward, mortuary and church.  The vessel operated fifty weeks a year, calling on remote canneries, indian villages, lighthouses, logging camps and mining camps along the isolated coast of British Columbia.  She was renamed Argonaut II in 1967 for use as a charter and private yacht.

Privateer - 1922

Hoffar Motor Boat Co. 40' (Canadian Fleet - Classic)


Owner: Ted Aussem

Vanalburt-Lee - 1923

Zona Carter 45' (USA Fleet - Classic)

Vanalburt-Lee is owned by Thomas Hewes of Mississippi, and is one of our most unique vessels. She is 45' and was built in 1923 by Zona Carter.

Nisca - 1924

Portland Yacht Yard 40' (USA Fleet - Classic)

1924 William Hand Jr. Piute Class, double cabin, express cruiser. Ted and Rebecca Crosby, Old Lyme, CT.

Owner: Ted and Rebecca Crosby

Colnett - 1924

Sea Craft Shipyard 42' (Southern California Fleet - Classic)

COLNETT is a 42′ motor cruiser which was built in 1924 by Sea Craft Shipyard in Wilmington, Ca. She was originally built for Mr. Henry Vaughn, with sea trials and commissioning extending into early 1925. She was constructed to Edson B. Schock Design #307. The hull is carvel planked with cedar on bent oak frames. Her cabins are built of select teak with tongue and groove decks, canvas or fiberglass covered. The original power was an Eastern Standard gasoline engine and is currently powered by a Caterpillar Model D320 4-Cylinder diesel engine.

Owner: Bunker and Kathy Hill

Fantasea - 1925

Matthews 39' (Northern California Fleet - Classic)

Wood Duck - 1925

Richardson 36' (Pacific Northwest Fleet - Classic)
Owner: William BURDETT Nancy PEREZ

Olmaha - 1926

Martinac Shipyard 60' (Canadian Fleet - Classic)

Olmaha is a 1926 60-footer built by J. M. Martinac in Tacoma , Washington (still in business!) She is currently based in Coal Harbour, Vancouver BC.  The name "Olmah" is an amalgamation of the names of the original owners and their daughter: OLin, MAude and HAzel Neikirk (ergo OLMAHA). (No relation whatsoever to Omaha, Nebraska!!)

Owner: Garth and Doreen McBride