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This is a list of current CYA member boats that have been accepted as "Classic" (pre-1942) or "Vintage" (pre-1965) yachts by the CYA.

The boats are listed in chronological order. Click on a boat name to view the boat's information page.

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CYA Yacht Register

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Fellowship - 1955

Star Shipyard 75' (Pacific Northwest Fleet - Vintage)
Fellowship started life in 1955, as a Canadian Military vessel named Vixen. The vessel was used for training Naval Officers and rescue service in BC.
She was purchased by a Mr. Jensen and was remodeled into a comfortable yacht and renamed Fellowship.
Owner: Steven & Barbara Clift

Hi'Ilani - 1955

Chris Craft 34' (Pacific Northwest Fleet - Vintage)

“Hi’Ilani,” is Hawaiian for “Held in the Arms of Heaven." Built in 1955 in Holland, Michigan, this vessel was delivered to Salmon Bay, Seattle, WA in April that same year.  Hi'Ilani is now living in Fingal, Victoria, Australia.

Owner: David and Liz Hoyle

Dawn Treader - 1956

Dawn Treader
Chris-Craft 35' (Pacific Northwest Fleet - Vintage)

Dawn Treader was delivered to Seattle in June of 1956. We are the 5th owners for the second longest length of time which is now 15 years.
She continues to be well cruised and well loved.

Owner: Mike and Janet Monda

Marilus - 1956

40' (Pacific Northwest Fleet - Vintage)

40' 1956 Monk/Castner MARILUS has always been owned by the same family that built her. She has never been restored, simply maintained. Her numerous design features and construction materials reflect the collaboration of several of the country"s most historic boating families. Her current skipper has fond memories growing up in the boatyards of Blanchard, Shain, & LUDDCO and the various places legends such as Ed Monk Sr. would spend time.

Owner: Castner Family

Anita - 1956

Chris Craft 56' (Pacific Northwest Fleet - Vintage)
Owner: Chris Judy

Greta - 1956

Matthews 42' (Pacific Northwest Fleet - Vintage)

Greta is a 1956 Matthews Convertible Sedan with walk-around decks. Originally purchased be Leo R. Schreiner, a general manager for General Motors, she has had many owners and just as many names, including Gold Dust, Hexe, and Doc Freeman.  A flying bridge was added in 1967 by Ward Doland of Bellevue, former regional I.P.B.A. Commodore and International predicted log race champion. Newly restored by her current owner, she has been brought back to her original splendor, and then some. Visit her website at:

Saga - 1956

Vic Franck Boat 51' (Pacific Northwest Fleet - Vintage)


Owner: Dan & Paulette Degard

Miss 102 - 1956

Stephens Bros 60' (Northern California Fleet - Vintage)
Owner: Rusty Areias & Robert Slobe

Starlight Express - 1956

Starlight Express
Matthews 42' (Pacific Northwest Fleet - Vintage)

I fell in love with this boat in 1956 when I was a kid and vowed that someday I was going to own one.

Only seven of this model built, (6) in 1956 and (1) in 1957 -- only found two still left alive. It was a nearly 18-year restoration project, and 50 years after that 'dream' to get me there!

Starlight Express is a 1956 MATTHEWS 42-ft Martinique Express cruiser. 

Owner: Randy Mueller

Seascape - 1956

Chris-Craft 46' (Pacific Northwest Fleet - Vintage)

Seascape is a 1956 46' Chris Craft Constellation built in Algonac MI., one of 57 built over a two year period. She was originally delivered to Chicago on August 5, 1955. The current owner found her in the upper peninsula of Michigan in 2003 and decided he couldn't live without her. He had her shipped back to Seattle that summer and has been working, restoring and enjoying ever since. [BH16]