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White Heron - 1926

Harbor Boatbuilding, Newport Beach, CA 58' (Northern California Fleet)

Faun - 1926

Blanchard Boat Co. 36' (Pacific Northwest Fleet)

Faun is a Blanchard Standardized Cruiser, built on Lake Union in 1926.  Her 1926 purchase price was $6000.  She is one of twenty-five 36’ cruisers built by Blanchard, only a few of which survive today.  She was originally powered by a Van Blerck gas engine, and since 1946 has had a Chrysler Crown 6 cylinder gas engine, rebuilt in 1986.  Average cruising speed is 7.5 knots.  Her hull is western red cedar, her frames are white oak, and her brightwork and house are teak.  Faun has had about a dozen colorful owners, among them the Gray, Black, and Brown families of Seattle. [BH16]

Corsair II - 1926

Martinac Shipyard 50' (Pacific Northwest Fleet)

Corsair II was custom built in 1926 for an avid predicted log racer and Tacoma Yacht Club officer. She participated in many early Seattle-Victoria races, and her feats were described in advertising for Buffalo Marine Engines and Standard Oil products. She was honored with the privilege of celebrating her 60th birthday as a featured yacht at the Vancouver World's Fair.

Olmaha - 1926

Martinac Shipyard 60' (Canadian Fleet)

Olmaha is a 1926 60-footer built by J. M. Martinac in Tacoma , Washington (still in business!) She is currently based in Coal Harbour, Vancouver BC.  The name "Olmah" is an amalgamation of the names of the original owners and their daughter: OLin, MAude and HAzel Neikirk (ergo OLMAHA). (No relation whatsoever to Omaha, Nebraska!!)

Kiyi - 1926

Schertzer 50' (Pacific Northwest Fleet)

Kiyi is a classic Pacific Northwest design by Leigh Coolidge, built by the Schertzer Brothers on Lake Union. Her hull is Port Orford cedar over bent oak frames, and her house is all teak. Her original owner supplied supplied all the wood, and spent $5,280 for her construction at the Schertzer yard at the foot of Stone Way.

Fantail designs were not common on vessels less than about 65-feet, since they tend to reduce space available for accommodations.  But with her mere 10-foot beam, the effect on the 50-foot long Kiyi is stunning.

Wanderer - 1927

Rathfon 33' (Pacific Northwest Fleet)

1927 Wanderer was built by Karl Rathfon in Tacoma. She was the 6th or 7th "Toyship" built. Powered by a Yanmar 3 cylinder diesel. Hull is cedar carvel plank/oak/Honduras mahogany with fir deck beams.

Owner: John & Lori Scott

Orba - 1927

Lake Union Drydock 42' (Pacific Northwest Fleet)

Built in 1927 by the Lake Union Dry Dock Company, the Orba was named by her first owner, Kelly Price, who had speculated profitably in the Oregon Basin Company.  Her second owner, Professor B.T. McMinn, cruised all throughout the waters of the Northwest aboard her for 33 years.  The many logbooks, still on board, chronicle her numerous voyages.  The current owners purchased her in 1971. [BH16]

Owner: Stephen and Kenneth Moen

Zella C - 1927

Lake Union Drydock 42' (Pacific Northwest Fleet)

Zella C is an original Lake Union Dreamboat.  In 1974, she was moved to Everett, where, over the course of the next 30 years, Wes Ruff restored her from stem to stern, including hand laid teak and ash soles, solid teak doors with teak bulkheads and trim throughout, a new deck, new hull with Everdur fasteners, new oak deck timbers, new Isuzu diesel, new electrical with Trace inverter, new water and fuel tanks, new batteries, refrigerator, Dickinson diesel stove, built-in microwave, original and brass sinks with granite and marble countertops to accommodate modern conveniences, and a new lapstrake dinghy. Nothing was spared for Zella C. Her current owner cruises her extensively in the area.

Owner: Dr. Martine P. Roudier

Riptide - 1927

Schertzer 47' (Pacific Northwest Fleet)

Riptide was built in Ballard in 1927 by the Schertzer Brothers Boat and Machine Company, and carries Coast Guard documentation number 226242. A bridge-deck cruiser, she is 47 feet long with a beam of 12 feet and a draft of four feet. She is planked in Port Orford cedar on White oak frames over an apitong backbone with Western Red cedar houses.  She displaces 12 tons, and is powered by a Cummins 5.9 liter diesel, cruising at 9 knots.  She was overhauled by the Port Townsend Shipwright's Co-Op in 2015, and is moored in Port Madison, on Bainbridge Island, WA. [BH16]

Willobee G - 1927

Hoffar Beeching 48' (Pacific Northwest Fleet)