CYA Yacht Register

This is a list of regular member boats currently listed in membership with the CYA. (These boats are NOT FOR SALE -- refer to the Classifieds for boats that are currently available.)

The boats are listed in chronological order. Click on a boat name to view the boat's information page.

More info is available on our Research page, including some vessels not currently listed in CYA.

If you own a boat listed here, or would like to be listed here, send text and photos to  The criteria for acceptance into the CYA Yacht Register is detailed here.

CYA Yacht Register

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226 records found.

Mystic Cassie - 1967

Chris Craft 43' (Canadian Fleet)

Topaz - 1971

McQueen 52' (Pacific Northwest Fleet)

Triple Crown - 1972

48' (Northern California Fleet)

Coquette - 1974

Stephens Brothers 50' (Pacific Northwest Fleet)

Belle - 1981

Ron Bell 47' (Pacific Northwest Fleet)

A traditionally designed 50’ bridgedeck cruiser, Belle is similar to vessels built by Monk and Stephens in the late 1920’s.  She was designed and built by Ron Bell in Richmond, B.C.  Powered by an Isuzu 120 diesel engine, she cruises at 9 knots using about 1.5 gallons of fuel per hour, with a top speed of 13 knots.  Belle is not what she seems; although a classic design, she was built in 1981.  She has a fiberglass hull … and a mahogany heart. [BH16]

Southern Bay - 1994

Beckman Limited, Rhode Island 21' (Southern California Fleet)

“Southern Bay” has an interesting history. She is a replica of a 1905 steam-powered launch built in Michigan by the Truscott Boat Mfg. Co. Truscott is not a well know company although they built as many as 500 boats a year up until 1945.

Owner: Jim Kroeger