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This is a list of current CYA member boats, including "Classic" (pre-1942), "Vintage" (pre-1965), and newer yachts. (These boats are NOT FOR SALE -- refer to the Classifieds for boats that are currently available.)

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CYA Yacht Register

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Hesitation II - 1959

Hesitation II
Chris-Craft 55' (Pacific Northwest Fleet - Vintage)

Hesitation II was built the last year the Smith Family owned the Chris Craft Company. She was owned first by Hilton Hotels. In 1969 she was sold to a small hotel chain in Florida. In 1972 she was bought by an Everett man and shipped to Vancouver. We bought her in 1976.

Owner: Stan & Robin Nelson

Firebird - 1959

Stephens 43' (Northern California Fleet - Vintage)

The original owners were the Dobbin’s . Here is some history as told from the (now) 85-year-old daughter of the original owner of Firebird, Leslie E. Dobbins: 

The Dobbins Family were music enthusiasts. The Firebird by Stravinsky was the origin for naming the boat Firebird. 

Owner: Jonathan Arambel

Pearl - 1959

Chris Craft 32' (Pacific Northwest Fleet - Vintage)

32' Chris-Craft Express Cruiser
When David Wiehle found Pearl, she was known by a different name and was in a much different state. Her name was Pau Hana, owned by Patricia Coulter who was almost ready to give the vessel away to the Sea Scouts for a tax break after the vessel had been on the market for over a year after her husband passed away.

Owner: Rick & Julia Grover

Bubbles - 1959

Matthews 42' (Northern California Fleet - Vintage)

"Bubbles" is beautifully maintained and completely refinished. She has had an amazing life and really has a special life story. She was fully restored and maintained by a shipwright Roy Dunbar at Dunbar Marine Services in Seattle. All of her brightwork was refinished  in 2012 and covered with ten coats of Varnish. She has lived her entire life in the Pacific NW, beginning on Lake Union.  Now she is moored in a boathouse on the Columbia River.

Gatsby - 1960

Stephens 42' (Northern California Fleet - Vintage)

Vintage - 1960

Broward Marine 62' (Pacific Northwest Fleet - Member)

Launched in 1960, Vintage was custom built for singer Louis Prima as a gift to his wife, Keely. Originally commissioned MY Keely, the building of Vintage unfortunately outlasted the marriage and the boat was consequently renamed Diva by Prima's last wife. During that time, Vintage was moored in Marina Del Rey, CA, and served as a crew vessel in the first two seasons of Charlie's Angels. She also appears in several of the first and second season episodes as part of the set. Renamed Vintage byt he previous owners to the current owners, she traveled to Seattle under her own power and has been through the Panama Canal twice. She was extensively rebuilt and refitted in Maple Bay, BC, and in Seattle in 2004.

Joie - 1960

Stephens 59' (Southern California Fleet - Vintage)
Owner: Rusty Areias

Selkie - 1960

Grandy 28' (Pacific Northwest Fleet - Member)

From Bell Harbor Classic Weekend flyer 2012:

Selkie was built by Grandy Boat Company on Lake Union in Seattle in 1960.  She has just completed a two year restoration, including a total rebuild of her engine, a Chrysler 318, and a new canvas enclosure for the cockpit.  She was refastened in 2009, and all her brightwork was stripped and re-varnished.  Selkie cruises on plane at 16 knots, and has a top speed of 23 knots.  For best fuel economy, she normally cruises around 8 knots.

Capella - 1961

Vic Franck Boat Co. 60' (Pacific Northwest Fleet - Vintage)

Capella was built as a long range cruising yacht for a family of 4 and crew of 2. Designed by Bill Garden and built by Vic Franck and launched in 1961. Alaska yellow cedar over oak frames on 10 inch centers. Powered by 350 hp Caterpillar D-337T.

My Fair Lady II - 1961

Hugh Libbey 37' (Canadian Fleet - Vintage)

My Fair Lady II was designed by Ed Monk Sr. and construction began in a West Vancouver shed in the backyard of Hugh and Rose Libby.  This was only their second attempt at boatbuilding, having built a 19' runabout prior to this project.

Construction began in 1959 and was finished in 1961, when she was registered. She is still powered by her original GM 6-53 diesel.

The Libby's took her north to Ketchikan, Alaska in 1964, and the current owner retraced his course in 2010. She has been no stranger to the North & Central BC coast ever since.