CYA Yacht Register

This is a list of current CYA member boats that have been accepted as "Classic" (pre-1942) or "Vintage" (pre-1965) yachts by the CYA.

The boats are listed in chronological order. Click on a boat name to view the boat's information page.

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CYA Yacht Register

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Navillus - 1963

Stephens Brothers 50' (Northern California Fleet - Vintage)

Navillus V is Stephens hull number M-104, launched May 5, 1963 under the name of Almardor. She was sold originally to Albert F. Roller, a noted architect in the San Francisco Bay area in the thirties and forties.

Albert F. Roller was a long time member of the Saint Francis Yacht Club, and Almador was used as a committee boat during some of their races. She also traveled to the Tinsley Island Stag Cruise during his ownership.

Owner: Marc Harrington

Unforgettable - 1965

Chris Craft 57' (Pacific Northwest Fleet - Vintage)

UNFORGETTABLE is a 1965, 57 ft Chris Craft Constellation, commonly referred to as a "Connie".

Owner: Alan J Winningham & Ryan Ihrig

Aurora V - 1969

Aurora V
John Trumpy & Sons 58' (Northern California Fleet - Vintage)

AURORA V was launched in April 1969 at the Annapolis Yard of John Trumpy & Sons on Spa Creek, MD. This 58' doubled-planked mahogany Coastal Cruiser was designed and built as Trumpy’s next generation yacht to propel this 60 year old company into the future, just as fiberglass became the prevalent choice of hull material. Trumpy only built 6 to 8 yachts per year. The Trumpy Family since 1946 began building certain yachts for their own personal use and to serve as showrooms of their craftsmanship.

Owner: Gerry & Karen Kamilos