CYA Renewal Team

Purpose: The CYA Renewal Team members are contact points within each fleet who will assist the Roster Editor and Treasurer to follow up with members to ensure that members renew and pay their dues on time.

Current CYA Renewal Team:

Web Team Members
Rick Etsell Webmaster 206-499-1952
Chip & Kristen Cochel Pacific NW    
Diane Lander Pacific NW    
Elissa Olson S. California
Cris Rohde S. California    
Ted Crosby USA  
Janice Palmer Roster  
Margie Paynton Historian  
Jim Paynton Treasurer  
cc: Rick Olson/Scott Andrews Commodore  

Renewal Team Members are assigned to the Drupal Role "Renewal Team", which gives permission to view pages such as this one and the Admin blog posts, which are not visible to regular members.