Astoria Weekend/Columbia River Maritime Museum

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Friday, May 18, 2018 to Sunday, May 20, 2018

Columbia River Maritime MuseumCome and join us for a maritime weekend in Astoria, Oregon!  

We’ll enjoy an insider tour of the Columbia River Maritime Museum (CRMM) archives, a museum tour, a briefing by a former Columbia River Sector Coast Guard administrator, some fine dining and plenty of other activities in this historic port city.

Friday evening - Meet for happy-hour at The Columbia River Maritime Museum boardroom - hosted by Sam Johnson, Museum Director (and former CYA member).  We will provide appetizers and drinks.

Saturday morning -  Tour the museum archives to view the collection of working river vessels and the marine engines.  We’ll take a coffee break at the museum boardroom, then tour the museum.  CYA members will pay for their museum admission.

Saturday lunch - on your own.

Saturday afternoon - Bruce Jones, CRMM deputy director and former Columbia River Coast Guard executive will meet with us to discuss river activities and issues.

Saturday mid-afternoon - on your own (see activity options below)

Saturday evening - Dinner at Bridgewater Bistro - fine dining right on the river.

Sunday - Free time for independent touring 

Optional activities: Cape Disappointment lighthouse (overlooking the North Jetty of the Columbia river Bar), Astoria Column, England Marine and Industrial Supply (not open Sunday), Phog Bounder Antiques, Bumble Bee Cannery museum, Peter Iredale shipwreck, Fort Clatsop (Lewis and Clark winter quarters), Fort Stevens (South jetty of the Columbia Bar, George Flavel House. 

Contact: John Lebens ( or 503/330-0216) or Mike Keane (503/320-1646) for more info.

Comments and/or photos from the event may be posted below . . .

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John Lebens & Mike Keane

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