Decatur Island Rendezvous

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  • Pacific Northwest
Tuesday, August 28, 2018 to Thursday, August 30, 2018

Decatur Island ChartletA new event!! 

Cruise, ride another vessel or fly to Decatur Island!  For those cruising from Vancouver Boat Festival to the Victoria Festival, we have place for you to stop and relax in the San Juan Islands.

Here are some preliminary details for the event.  Please call us if planning to attend so we can plan for people and events.

Tuesday 28th
Arrivals either at Read’s Bay (west side of Decatur Island) or Davis Bay  (East side).  Read’s Bay has the Decatur Shores Community Association Dock.  Touch and go with no overnights, but dinghy’s can stay on the dock if room.  Davis Bay arrivals may beach near the County Boat ramp.  Anchor off shore.

Optional private ferry is Paraclete 360-293-5920  Around $35/person each way.  State guest of Dahl’s to DSCA dock.  Usually 2 round trips/day out of Skyline Marina (Anacortes.)  If arriving via private aircraft, call first.

Rides to Dahl’s house via several trucks,  golf carts or car (1-1.7 mile walks).  Accommodations available first come first served.  Bedroom or loft, bunk beds etc.  May be able to open other houses if more staying on shore.  Assume many boaters stay on their own boats.

Please see attached map.  Our home is east of the airfield, in the SE portion of the blue Decatur Shores Community Association section.  We face south and see Whidbey Island..

Hikes, kayaking, crabbing, golf (9 hole quirky course). Hikes to gardens or peaks. Pot luck dinner.

Wednesday 29th arrivals welcome.
Breakfast on Dahl’s at house.  Light lunch fare.  Potluck dinner.  Picnic at park or sunset?
Same activities.  Depends on vessels.  Paddle out to James island?

Thursday 30th
Breakfast again on Dahl’s at house.  Depart for Victoria or??

Hosts: Christian and Jeanne Dahl
         425-478-2514  -  425-478-2167

Contact email address: 

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