CYA Gains Tax Exempt Status

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On  April  26,  2016,  I received  this  short  message  from  Jim  Paynton.   His  words best  describe the action:

Dear  Directors, It is  my  pleasure  to  share  with  you  the  contents  of  a  letter received  from  the IRS  today.   "We're pleased  to  tell  you  we  determined  you  are exempt from  federal  income  tax  under  Internal  Revenue  Code Section 501(c)(3)." It  has  been  a long  road,  but the  CYA  is  now  officially  a tax-exempt organization.    Thank  you to  Ann Hay,  John Di Lillo,  and  the rest  of  the committee  for  their  diligence and patience,  and  to  our  Directors  for  believing  in  this endeavor.    I  will share  the  full  contents  of  the  letter  with all of  you  shortly,  but  wanted  to  share  this  important news immediately.
-  Jim  
Paynton, Executive Treasurer 

Untold  hours  were  spent  and  many  years  of  discussion.  We are  all hopeful that the  new  ruling  will aid  our organization  to  better  support  our  members  and  the communities  in  which  we  live.   -Ken Meyer, CYA Commodore