Robert Allan Ltd. is an independent, privately owned firm of Consulting Naval Architects, established in Vancouver. The business was founded in 1930 when Robert Allan commenced private practice as a Consulting Naval Architect after managing a local shipyard. He was responsible for numerous enduring designs produced for the growing British Columbia fishing fleet and for coastal ferry services, among others. The firm's reputation was also enhanced by the design of such notable ocean-going motor yachts as Meander and Fifer.

The firm is still in operation, led by a 3rd generation Robert Allen, and is now one of the most prominent commercial vessel designers in the world.

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Name Builder Year Length Fleet Boat Image Thumb

Chelsea II

Star Shipyard 1955 48' Non-Member Chelsea II


Hoffar Beeching 1928 68' Non-Member Fifer


Burrard Drydock 1939 105' Northern California Fifer


W. R. menchions Co. 1934 67' Non-Member Meander