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Feb 11 2007

Crew Wanted!

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Crew Wanted!

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Apr 19 2007


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Westward hauled 16th at Abaroa Boatyard in LaPaz; returned, freshly painted, to her element 18th morning. We’ll sail LaPaz early May for Frailes & Cabo San Lucas, departing Cabo mid-May for Polynesia.

Westward on the hard:

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May 02 2007

Marina de LaPaz

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It’s not all Mariachis & Margaritas at Marina de LaPaz, per attached photo! 

We’re further prepping Westward and our courage for the voyage, but first sailing (on Cinco de Mayo!) to attend a gathering of Nyborgs at Los Frailes; then to Cabo & quick flight to Seattle before our mid-May departure for Nuka Hiva, 2600 miles (and lots of caught fish?) away!

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May 18 2007

This Historic ‘Place’ is about to MOVE!

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We are finalizing preparations for our 19th departure to Clarion Island (2 days steaming) and the Marquesas Islands, two weeks distant. 

These preparations have been complicated by the unexpected necessity of replacing our primary, diesel-driven generator.  We expedited a new (Northern lights 16 kw) genset from SanDiego, it arrived on Tuesday and should be running today . . . . . another cruising saga!

This week also brought initial mounting of our bronze plaque commemorating Westward’s recent listing in the National Register of Historic Places (per the photo which we are proud to attach hereto).

Those of you interested to learn more of the fascinating history leading to Westward’s National Register listing can find a good summary of her early years at .

If you would like to see the more complete history of Westward, her designer & builder (as contained in the Nomination for Listing in the National Register of Historic Places), you can obtain a digital copy of the Nomination from John Sabella by e-mailing him at

Watch this space for a sailing message, & departure crew photo, in the next few days!


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May 19 2007

Pre-Departure Group Photo Time

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The assembled crew, just prior shifting to the fuel-dock @ 0800: John Williams, Tony Carter, Charlie Amador M., Teresa, Marley & Hugh.

After topping-off fuel-tanks & filling a few on-deck-drums of extra fuel, we sail southwest for Clarion Island—384 miles distant with ETA mid-day 21st; thence to Nuka Hiva in the the Marquesas Islands of French Polynesia.

All’s well onboard with full fuel, provisions, energy & excitement.


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May 19 2007

At Sea Again

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Cleared Cabo jetty 1215/19th with 2485 gal. diesel onboard.  Encountered 6+ hrs rough/boisterous afternoon weather which now moderating; hopeful soon to resume course/speed towards Clarion. Nature’s nearly cleansed house ‘n hull of Cabo’s abundant dusts; if fair weather, tomorrow we’ll scour inside.  All’s well.


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May 22 2007

Clarion Departure

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0100/22nd: anchored Bahia Azufre, south coast of Clarion: 2mi x 5mi with sparse vegitation and unpopulated but for small naval garrison protecting Mexico’s western-most frontier & National Park. 

Clarion provides excellent opportunity for final stowage, servicing & preparations for our crossing to NukaHiva—on which expect to leisurely embark 24th/am. 

Other news: the Chief loves the new generator and Marley the new deck canvas (upon which, after weeks at sea, he finally today performed!). All’s well, double grog-rations tonight.


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May 24 2007

Next Stop: 2225 miles away!

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May 31 2007

At Sea – half way there. . .

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Noon Position – 30th

06 02.9N/126 05.0W Days-run 147m CMG 213M remaining: Fuel 1650g miles 11228m; S’westerly progress diminished overnite by 15+k northerly airflow to Tropical Storm Alvin centered 400m astern, easterly-set of equatorial counter-current, & unabating, confused, uncomfortable seas.

Last-nite crossed mid-point Cabo/Marquesas—which celebrated with fresh-caught MahiMahi.  ETA NukaHiva currently 8th, all’s well


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Jun 02 2007

Crossing the Equator

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Noon Position – 2nd

00 17.6N/131 46.5.0W Days-run 166m CMG 216M remaining: Fuel 1350 miles 741; Temp 81 humidity 76% sea-temp 81.5. 

Winds backing to easterly but, alas, moderating to a point of diminished utility.  Winds of desired direction & speed are a rare & wonderous thing, we have yet to experience them (but when they come, we’ll be shooting for a 240mi day!)!  Crossed Equator at 1545h, commemorated event with a deep-water (15,000ft?) swim @ 132.01.3W longitude. ETA NukaHiva 7th p.m.


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