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Below is a listing of boats that are not currently listed as CYA members. Some are former CYA yachts that have been archived and can be returned to active status if an owner re-joins CYA. Contact to reinstate a boat.

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Namesort descending Designer Builder Year Length Fleet


John G. Alden Todd Dry Docks 1933 29' Pacific Northwest Wander


D.C. Callis Camp 1929 47' Southern California, Non-Member Wanderer 1929

Waterhawk II

Jensen Motor Boat Co. 1947 43' Non-Member Waterhawk II


L.E. "Ted" Geary Martinolich 1924 86' Pacific Northwest Westward


Otis Cutting Lake Union Drydock Co. 1930 45' Pacific Northwest Widgeon


Louis Hascall Tregonning Boat Co., Seattle 1932 32' Pacific Northwest


Elco 1929 50' Non-Member Witch


Boeing 1931 62' Non-Member Wyrill


Stephens 1925 43' Northern California Xantippe


Chris-Craft 1927 21' Northern California

Zimmie, ex-Red Baron (1935-2012)

Shain Manufacturing 1935 65' Non-Member