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Below is a listing of boats that are not currently listed as CYA members. Some are former CYA yachts that have been archived and can be returned to active status if an owner re-joins CYA. Contact to reinstate a boat.

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Name Designer Builder Year Lengthsort descending Fleet

Cora Marie

Ted Geary Vancouver Shipyard 1929 107' Non-Member

High Spirits

Trumpy 1929 112' Southern California High Spirits

Pacific Yellowfin

H. C. Hanson Billings Shipyard, Deer Isle, Maine 1943 114' Canadian Pacific Yellowfin

Over the Rainbow

Dickie & Sons, Wales 1930 115' Non-Member

Lovely Lady 1930-2009

Charles D. Mower Henry B. Nevins 1930 120' Southern California Lovely Lady

Thea Foss

Ted Geary Craig Shipbuilding Co. 1930 120' Pacific Northwest

Mariner III

Ted Geary Winslow Marine Railway 1926 122' USA


Boeing of Canada 1930 125' Non-Member


Cox and Stevens Manitowoc Shipping Corp. 1930 130' Non-Member Northwind


Menchions Shipyard, Vancouver Canada 1921 132' Canadian


John H. Wells Consolidated Shipbuilding Corporation 1930 136' Northern California Acania


Cox and Stephens Krupp (Kiel, Germany) 1925 157' Northern California


Great Lakes Engineering Works 1921 257' USA