Historical Summary:

Atlas was built in 1909 at Harper Washington by Carpenter Wm. G. Grant and was the Flagship boat for Atlas Gas Engine Co. Originally powered by a two cylinder 65 hp, she was one of the very first gas powered tugs in the Pacific Northwest. She worked hauling barges of bricks for many years and rumour has it was also a rum runner during this time, before being conscripted by the US Navy during World War 2. After the war she was sold back to the previous owner for $10, went back to work, and left her mark up and down the coast.

The historic Coleman clock in Seattle’s town square was once at the ferry dock before a tragic collision with a large cruiser broke it off and sent it floating away into the ocean in 1914. Atlas found and recovered her, towing her back to shore and the clock still stands and works today. Atlas has undergone a complete restoration over the last 20 years in Port Townsend, before being purchased by us, her current owners based in Vancouver BC.

Wartime Use

Conscripted by US Navy during WWII