Big Dipper

Historical Summary:

Big Dipper is a 1930 36' Jake Farrell bridge deck cruiser, homeported in Kenmore, WA.

BIG DIPPER was designed and built by Jake Farrell in 1927-28 at his facility next to Queen City Yacht Club, and was the first to cross the finish line in the 1928 International Capital to Capital race as the DOLPHIN II. (Jake named all the boats he built: Dolphin I, Dolphin II, Dolphin III etc.) Although the Crash of 1929 had hit, she was sold and became the BILLY BOB and was poster girl on a number of publications.

In the famed Alaska Cruiser Race, in 1928, “Dolphin II” was the first boat across the finish line and had the honor of giving a written greeting from Washington State’s governor, Roland Hartley to the governor of Alaska, Governor Parks.