Bo-Peep II

Bo-Peep II was designed by John Hacker of the HACKER-FERMANN company of Detroit, Michigan. Perhaps the last survivor of approximately six built at the DEFOE Boat and MOTOR WORKS of Bay City, Michigan. 

A "75-Year" refit was completed in 2003 which included: new bottom planking, stem, keel, transom, and floors.  All wood below the waterline was individually sealed prior to assembly with WestSystem epoxy.  The bilge is dry.  Complete rewired and re-plumbed.  All refit work was extensively photographed.

The BO-BEEP II has obviously not been maintained in its "original" state as a "show-boat", but has been improved over the years to be an active modern safe award winning cruising vessel.

BO-PEEP II was USCG documented by the original owner and is one of the longest documented yachts in the USA without a name change.