Historical Summary:

When “Cora Marie” was launched in 1930, she was considered the finest wooden hulled vessel built in Coal Harbour. There was a celebration which included local dignitaries. James Hoffar, was the owner of Vancouver Shipyards when Cora Marie was being built. The first owner was William C. Shelley of Vancouver, Canada.

The depression lead to her sale to Paul F. Johnson, a wealthy American. It is believed that Johnson cruised Cora Marie in the South Pacific. She changed owners and became Seyelyn II. The yacht was later seized in by US Customs, and in 1942 she was conscripted by the US Navy. During the war she patrolled the entrance to San Francisco Bay.In 1951 Cora Marie returned to Canada after being purchased by the Aluminum Company of Canada and after being renamed Nechako became the regular Kitmat-Kemano passenger and mail carrier. She transferred ownership again and sat on the Fraser River.
Cora Marie is currently in Maimi, Florida undergoing a major renovation. [2015]