Corsair II

Historical Summary:

Corsair II was custom built in 1926 for an avid predicted log racer and Tacoma Yacht Club officer. She participated in many early Seattle-Victoria races, and her feats were described in advertising for Buffalo Marine Engines and Standard Oil products. She was honored with the privilege of celebrating her 60th birthday as a featured yacht at the Vancouver World's Fair.

Was she a rumrunner? Well, according to an old fisherman in Pender, “I know your boat. She used to have a foot well in the afterdeck, see where those deck planks are strangely butted? Well when I was a kid some guys from the Olmstead gang came in on here with their women who were mad at them because they were drunk. So the men left them and went to a bar. The women invited us aboard and we partied until the men were noticed returning. We ran like hell!” Olmstead was a Seattle Police Captain, eventually convicted of tax evasion during Prohibition. His wife broadcast childrens’ stories on the radio. The stories contained coded drop point messages.