Flying Lady

Historical Summary:

  • 1937 Mr. Trimpi contracted Mathis Yacht Companyin Camden New Jersey to build a 60' Trumpy house boat, she was christened "Blue Heaven" she was delivered to Florida. Three months later 77 year old Mr. Trimpi past away. 
  • 1938-1950 Margaret, Mr. Trimpi's widow sold "Blue Heaven" to the state of New Jersey where she was re- christened Inspector.  She was put to work for the department of Health. She was used to inspect the shell fish producing waters of New Jersey, Delaware Bay and New York Harbor. 
  • 1951-1961 Mr. James Hill purchased inspector and re-christened her back to Blue Heaven. The vessel was brought to the Trumpy yard in Annapolis Maryland where she went through a year long re-fit and re-power. She was then used to cruise from Philadelphia Pa. to Key Largo through the Intracoastal waterway. After ten years of service Blue Heaven was brought back to Trumpy and Sons in Annapolis Md. to be cleaned up and sold. 
  • 1961-1993 Blue Heaven was purchased by Mills B. Lane. the owner of C&S Bank of Savannah Georgia.  At the Trumpy yard the vessel went through another re-fit which was said to have taken over 9700 man hours of labor at a cost of $100,000.  She was then re-christened Flying Lady after the Rolls Royce hood ornament. In 1988 after many delightful years of service Mr. Mills contracted The American Boat Yard in Virginia to perform another major restoration of the entire vessel. With this restoration 90% of the vessels frames were sistered with white oak timbers. The hull then went through a custom C-Flex fiberglass plank fabrication process. This process has adding strength and renewed life to the vessels hull. Extensive interior and mechanical work was also completed with total labor hours totaling 23000 with the cost being $1,000,000.  
  • In 1993 C&S Bank was sold to Nations Bank with the Trumpy Flying Lady being part of the sale. 
  • In 1993-1998 Flying Lady was donated to The Georgia Southern University foundation. The vessel was then leased for three years to Bobby Groves she was then purchased by Bobby groves and had the honor of being the committee boat for the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta Georgia. 
  • 1998-2005 In 1998 Richard and Donna Reiling purchased Flying Lady in Savannah Georgia. The vessel was brought to Huckins boat yard in Jacksonville Florida for another refit. Mr. Gilbert Norish was hired to draw plans to bring her back to original Trumpy design in her interior. The re-fit was completed in eleven months after 27,000. man hours  at a cost over $1,000,000. She was then brought to her new home, Lakewood Yacht Club in Seabrook Texas. Then after much cruising and 27,000 engine hours she was then brought to Pier 66 marina in Galveston Texas. Mr. Rick Ryan was hired there to overhaul both engines and transmissions. In 2005 all interior and exterior paint and varnish was refinished making her ready for more cruising.
  • 2006 to present. "Flying Lady" has been loved by her past and present owner kept in Palm Beach Florida mostly cruising the intercoastal waterways. Both owners have had her captain and crews maintaining and improving this yacht, bringing her to a new level of beautiful completion.