The freshly christened COPRO III cruising Puget Sound (c. Summer 1957).

Historical Summary:

GEORGIA, originally named COPRO III (and later, MYSTIQUE), was built by Marco Shipbuilding (AKA Marine and Construction & Design Co.), a well-known builder of stout fishing vessels in the Pacific Northwest. The yacht was commissioned by Fred Dobbs of the Coolidge Propeller Company in Seattle, Washington. The COPRO III name was based on the business’s name and was the third yacht Mr. Dobbs had built during his time in the marine trades. (COPRO II, now called FOREVERMORE, is still afloat and calls Lake Union her home.)

900 usg of fuel gave a range of 800 miles at 12 knots with a top speed of 15 knots.

A great biography about the extraordinary life of the visionary Fred Dobbs, “There Must Be a Better Way: The story of Fred Dobbs and the Coolidge Propeller Company,” was written by Gordon R. Newell and published in 1978. It includes various stories and photos of COPRO II and COPRO III.