Historical Summary:

Gracie is a 28’ Sedan Cruiser built in 1962 by Grandy Yachts of Seattle, Washington. The following is the limited information we have of her history.

She was originally purchased by Bob Carstensen. Apparently, Bob knew the Grandy family personally and would often stop in and have coffee at their boatyard. After having the boat built he named her “Long Gone II” and must have had a lot of pride in owning her because of the excellent condition we found her in.

We were told the original engine was a Graymarine and must have been a V8 because of the dual exhaust ports, which were original. From limited records we found onboard, it seems that engine lasted about 5 or 6 years at which time a new engine was installed, a Ford 351 Windsor. In 1987 a third engine was installed, also a Ford 351 Winsor, and is the engine she still has today.

In 2003, presumably due to his age, Mr. Carstensen gave “Long Gone II” to his niece and her husband, Sue and Edward Puchelt. He had owned the boat for an amazing 41 years! Sue and Edward used the boat until Sue’s passing around 2010. Edward continued using the boat occasionally until we purchased her on July 3, 2014.

After purchasing the boat in Everett, WA and cruising her to Pleasant Harbor, WA, we started “cleaning” the boat and emptying out all her compartments (Edward hadn’t wanted anything that was left on this completely furnished boat). This was like an archaeological dig. The deeper we went the older the items, including the big orange puffy float jackets (dated 1954!), which it turns out were original equipment that came with the boat. We have kept the items that had any significant meaning for the boat.

What amazed us the most was after removing the shag carpet that had been installed, we found the original linoleum flooring in almost pristine condition. This, along with the original counter tops, original and almost new looking Princess propane stove, original compass (with 1962 documentation showing when it was calibrated) and many other small details, let us know that we had found a true gem of a boat.

After using her that first summer we had the boat trailered from Olympia, WA to Scappoose, OR where we worked on the hull. This was an 18 month labor of love (as only a wood boat owner can understand) in which the transom was rebuilt, a dozen or so bottom planks replaced and the “Knee” of the bowstem replaced. The hull was stripped almost to bare wood and repainted.

We agonized over renaming her (I’m sort of a traditionalist in that a boat should keep it’s given name), but finally decided to rename her “Gracie” (I also like boats bearing feminine names, not meaning to step on any toes!). For us, this name just seems to fit our graceful little boat.

Gracie was relaunched in September 2016. She now resides on the Columbia River in a boathouse at Portland Yacht Club in Portland, OR. The cabin top has been recanvased as closely as possible to her original. Many of her original metal parts have been re-chromed. The work continues. This year the hope is to paint the gunnels and varnish the cabin exterior and mast.

We are truly grateful to be a part of this boats history (and vice versa)!