Katherine Jane

Historical Summary:

Looten Hooly of Garibaldi OR. chartered the vessel with his family and friends each summer from 2013 to 2016 through Anacortes Charters. Looten loved the vessel so much he tried to buy it. After being refused, he decided to build a replica. He contacted Mystic Seaport and acquired a set William Gardens plans. He had the hull built on the east coast and trucked to Garibaldi where the new boat is under construction. Looten enquired in Dec. 2016 about reserving charted vessel for the next year, he was told the boat had an engine room fire and was totaled by the insurance company. He raced to Tacoma, thinking he could get parts. He found the Katherine Jane ready to be cut up for the engines alone. As it turned out the damage was mostly cosmetic. The fire started in the exhaust stack from the diesel furnace, and spread to the engine room overhead. Looten bought the boat for scrap, and in just a few days made it ready to sail. He delivered the boat down the Oregon Coast to Garibaldi. Built a shelter and spent the next year and a half with a shipwright bringing the vessel back to spec. Looten is a lumber broker and builder, and can access the special wood materials needed. Using all VG fir the boat was framed, decked and improved in many ways. The boat has had one major rebuild with new fir decking at Port Townsend co-op. Looten  had finally run out of time to care for his beloved Katherine Jane, so sold us the vessel in November of 2020, and is dedicating his time and energies to his new vessel.