Jonta (need better photo)

Historical Summary:

Builder: Grandy Boat Co. – Lake Union
1965- Hardtop Express Cruiser
Length: 28’
Beam: 9’10”
Planking: 1” Yellow Cedar-bottom double planked with bronze fasteners
Framing: 1”x1.5” oak 10”oc w/galvanized bolts
Decks: marine plywood with fiberglass overlay
Cabin: mahogany plywood
Cabin tops: marine plywood with painted canvas overlay
Engine:Gas Chevrolet 350 HP: 255 (original was Chrysler M318B 210 hp)

Original Owner:
Jon and Rita Wolf purchased at the Coliseum 1965 boat show for $9800.00
Moored in Everett boat house on “g” dock

Second Owner:
Bill (Ola) Olson partner with Cliff and Henrietta Duncan
Purchased on February 4, 1988 for $14,000
Moored in the same Everett boat house

Third Owner:
Todd and Julie Powell
Purchased March 8, 2003 for $15,000