Historical Summary:

Junaluska is the original tender to the motoryacht Olympus, and both were completed in 1929 by New York Yacht, Launch & Engine Company for owner George Heck. His new yacht was named "Junaluska" after a lake in North Carolina where he had property.  When the yacht was conscripted by the military in World War II, the owner at the time kept the little tender for his use in California. She remained separated from the mother ship for 60 years!  In 2001, John and Diane VanDerbeek found her again in southern California.  She was a complete basket case by then, but still had the New York Yacht label plate attached and 5 of her 6 hull numbers could still be read, which matched Olympus.  (In those days they would carve the hull numbers of the mother ship into the tender vessel as well.)

The VanDerbeeks brought the launch to Alan Thomle of Stanwood, Washington, an expert at restoring runabouts, who spared no effort in putting her back into top shape, complete with a newly rebuilt 4-cylinder 1930 Lycoming flat head inboard engine similar to the original engine. When complete, the VanDerbeeks christened her "Junaluska" in honor of the original name of the Olympus.

Separated from her Mother ship for 60 years, Junaluska was placed back in her chocks and continues her service as a first class yacht tender!