Historical Summary:

A 1932 78' classic built in New York by New York Yacht, Launch & Engine Company. The build was commissioned by the Marlin Family. Specifically John H. Marlin of Marlin Firearms, which was founded in 1870. This new yacht was christened "Linmar", a variation of "Marlin", in honor of the family and their great success.  While owned by the Marlin Family, Linmar cruised up and down the East Coast, serving as the family's winter home and flying the Marlin Firearms flag.

However, soon after, spanning from the years 1939 to 1945, the U.S Navy began conscripting private yachts and refitting them as naval vessels to assist in the patrol of U.S waters during WWII. Their brightwork was stripped, sanded, and painted navy. (This was the fate of another NYYL&EC yacht "Junaluska" - now "Olympus".) But, since Linmar was owned by one of the largest arms dealers in the market, John Marlin gave the U.S forces a choice: a contract for arms in their  war efforts or his new yacht - but not both. So, the history of what Linmar was doing during this time span is a bit blurry; however we do know that she was never taken by the navy and instead she spent the war serving as a patrol vessel in Canada.

Throughout the years after, Linmar traveled up and down the East Coast, through the Panama Canal, up the West Coast, and through the Inside Passage to Alaska. During her time moored in San Fransisco in 2006, a devastating fire struck. The damage caused was so  extensive that she was deemed a total loss. Fortunately, she was purchased by a man who set forth on a complete restoration.

In addition to new engines, onboard systems, and a full cosmetic overhaul, twenty-five percent of the hull – including planks, frames and stringers from shelf to keel – had to be rebuilt  from scratch.  Every ounce of wood that was damaged was removed from its home, sanded, refinished, and replaced. When the renovation was complete, Linmar still had her classic design intact, using mahogany, teak, and furnishings which keep to the era in which she was built.

The new owners, Brad & Michelle Bailey, purchased Linmar in 2021 and feel responsible for keeping her as pristine as when she was first built. The history surrounding Linmar is key to her legacy and is something they plan to share with generations to come.