Lone Ranger

Historical Summary:

Lone Ranger 2 was originally built for Jack Wrather in 1961. The Lone Ranger 1 was a 57' Chris Craft, that was kept on the East Coast. The Lone Ranger 2 was first shown at the Miami Boat show in 1961, and then at the New York boat show. I am uncertain of the exact years the Lone Ranger 2 belonged to Jack, but he then partnered with the Stephens Bros, and built the Lone Ranger 3 and 4. The Lone Ranger 3, is in disrepair, and is near Lake Michigan.. The Lone Ranger 4, is now Calypso, and is an active charter boat in NYC.

At the time the Lone Ranger 2 was built, Jack Wrather built the Disneyland Hotel for Walt Disney, and the Horizon hotel in Palm Springs. Wrather also owned the Balboa Yacht Club (1961 to 1972.. so I am guessing that she was berthed in Newport during some of this time). Wrather also brought the Queen Mary to Long Beach for Walt Disney.

Jack Wrather was the original producer of Lassie, and the Lone Ranger TV series, and was friends to both Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon. While I don't have all documentation, I know that the Lone Ranger yachts have hosted presidents, and actors, and industrialists. Wrather hosted the Reagan 'Kitchen cabinet meetings aboard the Lone Ranger 3' and I would venture to say he was aboard the Lone Ranger 2, as Wrather and Reagan did spend time together. Wrather was also part of the Howard Hughs team that constructed the Spruce Goose. I do know that he lent the boat to people such as the President of Greyhound, for weekends, and the boat traveled extensively around California at the time he owned her.

I purchased the boat from Jeff Savage, who had her in his family for almost 20 years. Previous to his father, the Coleman family owned her.
I know that the Lone Ranger 2 went to the delta reunion a few years back (2011?), and the previous owner was very proud of her Stephen's heritage. When I purchased her, her name had been changed to La Folie 2, and I decided to return her to her original name.

I have recently discovered a massive amount of documentation on her, that is kept in the Wrather archives at Loyola Marymount Univercity LMU, which is located just near to Marina Del Rey. I spent two days going through, just the tip of the iceberg, of documentation on his yachts and life. I think virtually no-one has seen all the fascinating photos and papers associated with this yacht. I have photos of original art work from the New Yorker magazine, and all sorts of fascinating paperwork because of his association with the Stephens Bros.

The boat was in very good condition when I purchased her, and is now in even better condition. She is not a show boat, but is used for photography by myself all of the time. She has recently been on the cover of Esquire magazine in the UK, with Ewan McGregor, and she has been photographed for the 2018 Hollywood edition of Vanity Fair. As I am a film maker, she is featured in many photo campaigns, and she is out on the ocean all the time here in Southern California.

I grew up in Sausalito California, and from the age of 15 to 18, worked at Cass's Marina, a local sailboat rental marina. The owner was like my second father, and taught me to sail, and had me accompany charters up and down the California coast. I also worked at the marina, helping to rescue renters stranded on the San Francisco Bay. I also was racing foredeck on both Bird and Bear boats, both classic yachts found in San Francisco.