Mariner III

Historical Summary:

Mariner III was built for Captain James Griffeths of Seattle.  Originally named Sueja III, Capt. Griffeths used the yacht to travel up and down the West Coast. During one her visits to California, actor John Barrymore saw the yacht and approached the owner insistent on purchasing the vessel. Captain Griffeths, poking his finger into the tall actor's chest, said in no uncertain terms, that his yacht was not for sale for any amount.  He would, however, introduce him to the designer, Ted Geary, who then designed the 120-foot Infanta (now Thea Foss) for Barrymore.

In the early 1950's, Mr. Ayers sold the yacht toa Californian, O. J. Hull.  He replaced her Washington Iron Works diesels with a pair of Detroit Diesel 6-110 S engines. Mr. Hull used the yacht to race up and down San Diego Bay.  After a few years of service, she was sold to a new owner, a New Yorker, who voyaged on the vessel to the Mediterranean.  After a short time, she wound up in Cannes, France.

In keeping with her original 1920's design and the flavor of the era, the Kennedy Engine Company, Inc., restored the Mariner III to her original charm.  Mariner III has had many famous guests, magazine ads shot on her, and articles written about her.