Mary Ellen Davis

Historical Summary:

1929 GEARY-DESIGNED 50' CRUISER. Owner says, "MARY ELLEN DAVIS is a 50-foot bridge deck cruiser designed by Ted Geary and built at Lake Union Dry Dock in Seattle in 1929. Having stayed only in the fresh water for too long, all the planks along the water line, at least on the starboard side, have become rotten… This boat has always been moored under cover though, so above the water line, she is still beautiful. The Gray Marine 6-71 Detroit Diesel runs like new. Given enough time and resources, this boat is totally restorable, and is worthy of it.

Reportedly under restoration April 2018

She was presented to Mary Ellen Weyerhauser as a wedding present from her husband Frederick Davis, the accountant for the Weyerhauser company at the time; hence, Mary Ellen Davis.