Historical Summary:

Originally named Thea Foss, Mitlite was originally built as a company yacht by the Foss Tugboat Co.

"mitlite", Chinook Jargon, Verb:  to stay, bide, dwell

MITLITE HISTORY (Revised 9/27/2013)

Launched in 1933, 58 foot long MITLITE is the original THEA FOSS. In late 1931, with a view of owner Henry Foss to hold Foss workmen on the job as much as possible during the depression, work was begun on the only yacht listed on the Foss History web site to be built by the Foss Tug and Launch Company works at Tacoma. When other work was a bit slack, work on THEA was resumed, thus assisting the owner in keeping the company’s well organized crew employed. Her lines were drawn by G.E. Nyman of Tacoma and her construction was under the supervision of Linas Berg. Hollow Tobin bronze wing shaped rudder and stream-line designed air-driven winch as well as all outer gear were cast by Tacoma Brass Company and finished by Fred Dravis of Hicks and Bull Company, Tacoma. All are still with the boat and functioning well.

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