Historical Summary:

Mysterion was formerly named the Mardonbill for the builder's family, Margaret (Mar), Don and Bill the son's, hence: Mar-don-bill. Since then she has gone through life with the names - "Acrasia", "Alcan" and last  "Mysterion" 

The builder was Russell Arbuthnot of the Arbuthnot Sash & Door Company in Vancouver B.C. She took two years to build. (1925 to 1927) Being fir planked on oak frames, with teak superstructure and decks from the scrapping of the "Empress of Japan" in 1924.

She was built long and narrow for cruising efficiency as was the design of the period. (We have to remember, back in the 20'ss if you wanted to cruise to S.E. Alaska there wasn't a bunch of fuel stops along the way, so efficient was the name of the game if you were a serious cruiser!) I thought it was a pretty neat trick the designer did with widening the deck around the aft trunk cabin by brining the decks out beyond the hull sides for a wider walk way without increasing the waterlines beam.