Historical Summary:

Navillus V is Stephens hull number M-104, launched May 5, 1963 under the name of Almardor. She was sold originally to Albert F. Roller, a noted architect in the San Francisco Bay area in the thirties and forties.

Albert F. Roller was a long time member of the Saint Francis Yacht Club, and Almador was used as a committee boat during some of their races. She also traveled to the Tinsley Island Stag Cruise during his ownership.

According to letters found on the boat, air conditioning was installed in the saloon when she was built in 1963.  In one of his letters to the Stephens Brothers, after some trouble, Mr. Roller expresses that he was glad the trouble had not occurred several weeks earlier when he had the mayor of San Francisco aboard.

From 1989 until 2002 she was owned by Robert Marotta, a Bay Area boat broker.  During his ownership she was known as "Bowmar". We believe that he took her both to Alaska and to Mexico during his ownership.

She was recently purchased by Marc Harrington from the Sullivan Family Trust.  Navillus is berthed at the Sausalito Shipyard and Marina.