Historical Summary:

Northwind's elegant lines and subtle charm mask a hidden story of intrigue and adventure. She began life originally in the 1930s. The wealthy American industrialist Charles Martin Clark Jnr, spared no expense when he commissioned this beautiful yacht.

His Majestys Government gained ownership during the Second World War, where Northwind carried out a vital role in the evacuation of British troops at Dunkirk, and would be often moored outside the Houses of Parliament. After the war, she was sent to promote British export trade. This would take her on a five year round the world cruise. The goodwill tour itself was apparently a major intelligence gathering expedition.

Her importance is reflected by those clientele who used her for State and social purposes. The then Prime Minister Winston Churchill and certain members of the British Royal Family, graced her with their presence. Churchill has even been described as painting on the aft deck of the vessel during the post war period, and the then Princess Elizabeth, now Queen, is reported to have dined aboard Northwind whilst in Malta on a number of occasions.

During the 1960s, ownership passed to Nomikos, a Greek ship owning family. Northwind again enjoyed hosting the famous names of the era, this time it was the Kennedys, who enjoyed cruising the Greek Islands with the hospitality of one Aristotle Onassis. Prior to its current ownership, a Seattle couple, Camille and Kingston Peters, acquired Northwind at Port d’Antibes, France where they embarked on an adventure of a lifetime. They brought her back to the U.S. for good, enduring all conditions including waves of up to 30 feet.

The rich ,the famous and the notorious have all been entertained and appreciated the hospitality on board this most elegant of ships. John Profumo, Christine Keeler, the traitor Roger Hollis and the Sultan of Oman to name but a few. In recognition of her unique history, all of Northwind's privileges lost as a result of being taken out of U.S. registry in 1936,were restored on October 16th 1988, by a Special Act of the United States Congress.

- Designed by: Cox & Stevens
- Built by: Manitowoc Shipping Corp.
- Year Built: 1930
- Length (OAL): 130 FT / 39.62 M
- Beam: 22 FT / 6.70 M
- Moulded Depth: 11 FT 9 IN / 3.58 M
- Draft: 8 FT / 2.44 M
- Tonnage: GT195/NT156
- Engines: 2 x 360 HP  Paxman-Ricardo V12s
- Gensets: 2 x WMW TD266 6 cyl.  with 75Kw Pillers (110AC): 1 x 3 cyl. Northern Lights 12Kw
- Speed: 12 Kn
- Fuel: 22 Ton
- Range: 3,000+ NM
- Fresh Water: 16 Ton