Historical Summary:

Orba is a classic Dreamboat built in 1927 by the Lake Union Drydock Company for Mr. Kelly Price.  The name Orba comes from a combination of the first two letters of Mr. Price's company the Oregon Basin Mining Company.  She spent her first 14 years in front of Mr. Price's home on Manzanita Bay, Bainbridge Island.

In 1941 Orba was sold to Prof. B. T. McMinn, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Washington.  The professor is credited with Orba's unique systems, which include her autopilot and refrigeration. Throughout the war and over the next 30 years, Professor McMinn and his family cruised Orba throughout Puget Sound and the Inside Passage.

In 1972 Steve and Kenneth Moen purchased Orba, and are now the longest-term owners in her history.  The brothers have maintained her impeccably and her custom cabinetry, woodwork, and award-winning engine room are fine examples of their skills.