Pat Pending

Historical Summary:

Built in 1929 at the Lake Union Dry Docks, Seattle. Pat Pending has been owned by the Owen family since 1940. Originally 43 LOA she was lengthened to 50' in 1930. Shown here on the Mokelumne River.

Pat Pending was built in 1929 by Lake Union Drydock Company as one of their production boat line known as "Lake Union Dreamboats." At 44'-3", this bridgedeck version was in contrast to the "Dreamboat" style, known for their large rectangular aft deckhouses, which were very popular at the time.  So this version was advertised as part of the Dreamboat line as well.

Originally named "Mammy", she was purchased by a Hollywood movie director named Lloyd Bacon, who wanted to use her for offshore powerboat racing.  After one season, he brought her back to LUDD to add about 6 feet to her in the hopes of improving her speed.  Still not satisfied following the lengthening, he sold her in 1931 in San Fransisco. She then became named Lightnin'.

After several owners, she was acquired in 1940 by a Bay area patent attorney named Don Owen. Owen renamed her "Pat Pending" and intended to use her for family cruising.  However when the war broke out in 1941, the Navy conscripted her for use patrolling the submarine nets that were put in place across the Golden Gate. As was the custom she was painted wartime gray, and had guns and depth charges mounted on her.  She was de-commissioned in 1944 and sold back to the Owen family for $100. Don Owen had a passion for the boat and gave her a major rebuild in 1945 to return her to yacht quality following her Navy service. The work was done at W. F. Stone & Son boatyard.  He returned the yacht there again in 1962 for additional modifications.

Pat Pending is now owned by Mel Owen, son of Don Owen, and his two sons, Greg and Lawson.  Mel is also passionate about the boat, having grown up with her since he was 10 years old. In 1997 he commissioned another major rebuild, this time done at Ross Sommer's yard in Sausalito.

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