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Owner info, 9/28/15:

Periwinkle is a 53 or 54 foot Trimmership from 1950. She was named Hales Navy but  her original name was Periwinkle.

The boat was bought in Port Angeles, WA. She was about to sink in the marina when she was discovered and put on the dry in 2013.
I have had both engines and gen taken out for repairs in the same marina in Port Angeles. I also have some bottom repairs done to her now. Engines are 140hp Perkins diesel.

As I understand it, she was run aground in Grays Harbor in 1953 and Al Hale bought the boat and restored in the early 60`s.
I bought the boat from Al Hales widow Ellie McCormick  and her husband Dick Lovern.

The boat will be shipped from Port Angeles via Gothenburg, Sweden to Kristiansund, Norway where I will do a full restoration.
I have restored a 1947 40 feet Chris Craft Double Cabin Enclosed Bridge and a few runabouts, Century Semaid and Chris Craft.

I live in Kristiansund N , Norway by the sea. A small town based on 4 islands in the middle of Norway.
See youtube video of where I live: 

I would appreciate it if you could help me in any way getting some facts and history.

Thank you very much.

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The boat was salvaged in Jan 1953 after it hit a storm in Grays Harbor.
Salvaged by the Quigg Brothers.
Original owner was Bart Woodyard, swing band leader on clarinet in the 30`s and 40`s in Portland. 

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