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Pied Piper was built by the Matthews Boat Company in Port Clinton, Ohio, in 1939.  She is a 1940 model-year boat and was celebrated at that time as the company's Golden Anniversary model boat and was shown in the 1940 New York Boat Show.  Scott Matthews started commercial boat-building at the age of 16 in 1890.  Matthews boats continued to be built into the 1970's.

The Pied Piper still has her original counter-weighted "sash" windows that slide down into the cabin sides (as the counter weights move up inside the walls) and original window screens that pull up for great warm weather cruising and bug-free nights.

Original dual oak hogback stringers run on each side of the interior of the hull.  Except for three planks on each side at the waterline at the stern of the boat, the original mahogany hull planks support the boat along with the original oak keel.  Except for those three planks per side and the recently re-fastened garboard seams, the original rivets still hold the hull planks to original frames and are still in great condition.  The original doubled oak frames are still in the boat on 12" centers.  The original 1939 Chrysler Royal straight-8 gasoline engines and transmissions continue to power the boat very nicely.  And the name of the boat, Pied Piper, is original as well.

Around the top of the outside of the main cabin top runs a wooden gutter system that directs rainwater back to downspouts which are also supports for the the cockpit roof .. hollow chromiumed brass supports that double as downspouts and roof supports.  Rainwater runs off the main cabin top into the gutter system, down through the downspouts to the aft deck, then through original tubing which runs inside the hull of the boat but exits outside the boat just above the waterline.  A very dry and efficient system.

The boat has obviously had good care and has been kept in original condition. 

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