Pied Piper

Historical Summary:

Pied Piper is a 1940-model "38" Matthews Standard Sedan, hull number 04026, with an LOA of 40 feet not including swim platform.  This vessel was constructed in late 1939 in Port Clinton, Ohio, by the Matthews Boat Company.  Before the boat was yet completed, it was sold by Matthews to The Gregory Boat Company, a boat dealer in Michigan, as "the show boat" and was used in the New York on-the-water boat show early in 1940.

1940 was the first year this model was introduced and sold.  The "38" Standard Sedan model was the "Golden Anniversary" model celebrating 50 years of Matthews boatbuilding from 1890 through 1940.  A picture of the Pied Piper graces the Matthews company brochure that celebrates that 50th anniversary.    

The previous owner was Ann Hay (past CYA member with this very vessel). She completed most of the refurbishing, repair and upgrade work during the 17yrs she owned and cruised her.   In the few years I have owned PIED PIPER I have continued the dedication & work contributed by Ann.